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Dance classes San Diego directory features group dance classes in different types of dance styles offered throughout the greater San Diego area. In addition, we include links to San Diego studios, schools and groups dance class schedules.

The Pattie Wells’ DanceTime Center closed its doors in 2014. Pattie Wells is one of the most experienced professional dance instructions in the United States. Currently, she is available for private dance lessons only by appointment in San Diego, read Pattie’s bio here!

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Aerial Silks Dance Classes San Diego

Argentine Tango Dance Classes San Diego

Ballet & Classic Dance Classes San Diego (Jazz, Tap, Etc)

In this classic styles section, we include ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary and modern. Also, many of these dance studios include hip hop, fitness, gymnastics, acrobatics and other forms of movement. Furthermore, many  studios offer dance lessons for kids in San Diego as well.

Ballroom Dance Classes San Diego

Ballroom dancing feature three categories of dance: social dance, performance dance and dancesport. The term ballroom is an umbrella term that includes most partner style dance genres. Additionally, these dance styles include International & American ballroom dance, swing, tango, salsa, club Latin (merengue, bachata,salsa), country western dancing, West Coast swing and other dance genres and styles.

Belly Dance Classes in San Diego

Capoeira Dance Classes San Diego

Capoeira is a Brazilian form of dance with African roots that uses martial arts movements including kicks and chops.

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Wedding Dance Classes San Diego

Wedding dance lessons are private lessons with a professional wedding dance instructor. In addition, lessons may cover the father-daughter dance, mother-son dance and the bride and groom’s first wedding dance. Also, family members come in to learn how to dance at the wedding. Additionally, some couples include a wedding party dance. Popular dance styles include waltz, slow dance, foxtrot, swing, nightclub two step and other dance genres. Additionally, some couples choose to do a mash up with several different types of dance styles for their choreographed first dance routine.

Zumba & Dance Fitness Classes in San Diego

Zydeco & Cajun Dance Classes in San Diego

Types of Ballroom Dance Classes in San Diego


Ballroom dance classes usually feature the classic American ballroom dances like waltzfoxtrottango, rumba & cha cha. Sometimes the dance genres are divided into Amerian smooth and rhythm dances. The smooth dances are the Viennese waltz, foxtrot, tango and waltz. The rhythm dances are the rumba, cha cha, mambo, East Coast swing, bolero and samba. The peabody is an older dance genre that is almost between a foxtrot and quickstep but isn’t included much in ballroom competitions or social dance parties.

The American style ballroom dance genres are perfect for social dancing but they are included in competitions as well. The International style ballroom is better suited for dancesport but can be done socially tool. The two styles of ballroom dance have been fusing in the last couple of decades and, at times, look very similar.

Ballroom Dance Articles:

Ballroom Dance Videos

American Waltz by Jim Desmond & Sally Olgivie

American Foxtrot & Hustle by Brandon Detty

Tango Team Performance

Ballroom Dance Music Playlists 

A variety of ballroom dance music playlists – click here!


Swing dance is one of the most popular forms of social dancing.  The swing originated in the 1920’s starting with the original swing dance, the Lindy Hop. The Lindy Hop also incorporated Charleston moves evolving into many differenty styles of swing.

Read about the Evolution of Swing Dancing here.

Swing Dance Videos

Jitterbug Performance Team, Bugle Boy 1988

Jitterbug Club San Diego’s Sunday night party

East Coast Swing routine with Trevor & Stephanie


On Fridays, Dance For 2 offers Introductory classes including Intro and Intermediate classes in  Salsa & Merengue  dance classes San Diego.

Dance Articles/Blogs

Salsa Dance Videos

Salsa Dance Team Performance

Salsa Performance by Jose & Yvonne Bello


West Coast Swing is the Cadillac of all the swing dance genres. It is recommended to learn a more basic form of swing first then tackle the West Coast swing due to its complexity. It is a dancers dance due to its characteristic of allowing the dancer an abundance of free expression.

Mark Pablo in San Diego teaching a West Coast swing workshop

West Coast Swing Articles

West Coast Swing Videos

Pattie Wells’ DanceTime Westie Parties

West Coast Swing 2nd Saturday at the PW Dancetime

West Coast swing social dancing (circa 2012)


There are at least three major styles of Tango danced around the world in the 21st century: American Tango, International Tango and Argentine Tango, read more about Tango here:

Argentine Tango Videos

Mark Pablo & Yvonne Bello’s Argentine Tango Performance

The Tango dance originated in Argentina in the 1800’s then spread across the globe when a Tango show traveled around the world. In each place the Tango was transformed to fit the dancers in the various locales. In the United States, it was simplified and changed to appeal to American sensibilities. Since Foxtrot was all the rage, Foxtrot type movements were added and it became the American Tango.

Carlos Barrionuevo & Mayte Valdes Argentine Tango Performance

Tango Music Playlists


The Hustle dance (partner style) evolved in the mid-seventies and reached its peak in 1980, however, it is still popular in pockets of the United States and abroad. There are two popular forms of Hustle that continue today.

The L.A. Hustle evolved from a dance known as the “Street Hustle” that was popular in Los Angeles and San Diego. Eventually, the name changed to L.A. Hustle and has remained popular on the West Coast, particularly in Southern California.

The New York Hustle was popular on the East Coast. In recent years, the New York hustle has been spreading across the U.S. and continues to increase in popularity nationally and even internationally.

Hustle Dance Videos

David Nguyen taught L.A. Hustle in San Diego in the 2000’s.

L.A. Hustle & Samba Routine with David Nguyen & Ingrid Valdna.