Country Western dances include the Country Western two-step, triple two-step, waltz, polka, West Coast swing, night club two step, schottische, East Coast swing, Cowboy cha cha and Latin cha cha. Country western is danced in dance studios, country western clubs and country western competitions. The country western dances have their own distinct flavors but have been influenced, since the early 1990’s, by ballroom dancers. There is some evidence that the Country Western dances evolved in the early 1930’s. The Country Western two-step has elements similar to the foxtrot. County Western dances go up and down in popularity with the type of music that is popular but had great popularity in the 1990’s. It is still dances throughout the country today and is quite popular in San Diego county. We offer lessons in the Country Western Two Step, East Coast swing, West Coast swing and Night Club Two Step regularly. The Country Western waltz, cha cha and polka has much in common with their ballroom counterparts. Most dance studios offer at least some of the Country Western dances.

Many of Pattie Wells’ Dancetime studio dance instructors love Country Western dancing especially the Country Western Two-Step. We are one of the few dance studios in San Diego that offer Country Western Two-Step classes that focus on the dance concepts, movements and fundamentals of the contemporary style of the dances. Our innovative teaching program, Core Elements Training is used in our Country Western dance program. The Country Western Two-step is included in our playlists for many of our practice dance parties.