Viennese Waltz

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The Viennese waltz is the original waltz dance that originated in Austria in the 19th century with the advent of the three beat music composed by the Strauss’s. The Viennese waltz flourished in Europe and eventually spread across the globe and arrived to the United States. Several versions of waltz evolved from this original Austrian waltz. Slower tempo waltzes evolved in England and the United States to fit the slower waltz music that became popular later. Currently, there are numerous versions of waltz including American waltz, International waltz, Cajun waltz, Country Western waltz, folk waltz, Argentine valse (waltz) and Viennese waltz. However, the Viennese waltz is still popular where it originated in Austria. There are many Viennese balls in Austria each year in the month of January. The tradition of fast tempo, mostly closed position and twirling around the floor is retained in most styles of Viennese waltz.

The Viennese waltz is approximately twice as fast as the American waltz. In social dance circles, ballrooms and folk dance centers the Viennese waltz has evolved to include open positions, passing steps and flourishes. Also, ballroom dancers use the hesitation timing where the dancers only uses one weighted step in three beats of music, as well as the normal three weighted steps in three beats of music.

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