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Fabiola Gomes

Fabiola Gomes was born and raised in Brasilia, Brazil. She is fluent in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English and has traveled to 36 countries in 36 years. She opened and ran her first dance studio, Studio de Dancas, in Brazil with the help of her parents at fifteen and went on to own and operate several successful dance studios that offered a variety of Brazilian dance genres including samba, Brazilian Danca de Salao, salsa, merengue, swing, flamenco and more with students numbering up to 5,000 and employing as many as 15 employees at one time before moving to the United States.

She spent a couple of years in Tucson, Arizona before moving to Las Vegas, Fabiola, where she ran a non-profit organization and taught dance and organizational skills in several countries on the African continent. In Africa, she taught kids and adults self-sustainable ways of living and lots of dances. She used dance as a means of communication to establish mentoring relationships and gain trust so her non-profit project could teach important new skills to the African people to improve their communities.

Fabiola’s energy, exuberance and talent drew her to many different dance-related activities including Brazilian ballroom dance, Latin club dancing, West Coast swing, dance fitness like zumba, aerobics and performance Brazilian samba plus a variety of other jobs and avocations like professional modeling, singing, photography, personal training and fitness therapy. In Las Vegas, Fabiola, trained and certified to teach zumba and has also worked in several fitness clubs as a personal trainer. She also organized and performed with a solo Brazilian samba group in various casinos.

Fabiola joined Dancetime’s  professional teaching staff in August 2012. She brings her expertise to Dancetime's Latin, ballroom, swing departments offering  salsa, merengue,  bachata, West Coast swing and ballroom dance classes. She will also be one of Dancetime's certified zumba fitness instructors. In addition to teaching and performing dance, Fabiola, will be developing a brand new department featuring Brazilian dance forms like forro, zouk, lambada and Brazilian ballroom dances like samba, bolero, cha cha and foxtrot.

Fabiola brings her 18 years of experience, expertise and energy to the Dancetime Center and to the students, teachers and friends of the Dancetime Center. We are very proud to have her join our professional dance staff.

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