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Trevor Davidson

Trevor Davidson hails from Columbus, Ohio with a diverse, interesting background starting early in life. He was born in Albany, Georgia but spent most of his youth in Montpelier, Vermont. His passion for dance began at fifteen when a friend encouraged him to watch the movie "Dirty Dancing" and tried to get him to do the mambo in her living room. While this early attempt to get Trevor dancing failed, it seeded in him an admiration for partner dancing. He attended Long Island University's "Social Dynamics and Change" program to learn about different cultures and to gain a global perspective hoping to travel to Japan to train with the best in the world martial arts teacher, Yamada Sensei. During his first semester at LIU, the desire to dance was once again fueled when a friend convinced Trevor to take a dance lessons sponsored by Arthur Murray, who offered him a job he turned down. 

Trevor Davidson Ballroom Dance Instructor San DiegoIn 2001, Trevor moved to Columbus, Ohio after college, where he was once again was offered a job by Arthur Murray accepting the offer this time. While there he trained through Associate Gold and was certified by Sam Sodano, a nationally renowned dancer, teacher and Dance sport judge. After several years of working in the dance industry, Trevor branched out and decided to buy a fixer-upper house to remodel and sell. He did this full-time for one year and eventually sold the house. After this adventure, he realized he much preferred teaching dance and returned to dance teaching. He was hired by Fred Astaire's in Columbus and certified in their syllabus through the Bronze Level. He finally left Fred Astaire's at age twenty-four to begin a career as an Independent dance instructor working with numerous very well-known dancers including Jeff Stein and Svetlana Ishakov.

Trevor has a diversified background of interests including singing, guitar playing and Aikido. He participated as a live-in student, while training in Aikido with Yamada Sensei at New York Aikikai. This is a form of martial arts that incorporates dance through its connection orientation plus it teaches flips, rolls and using a partners body weight to control movement like dance. He continued training in Aikido for ten years at various martial arts studios in Montpelier, Manhattan and Yellow Springs, Ohio. He also took guitar lessons for three years from a well-known musician named Matt Venus and played in a rock band for a time. He also took voice lessons from Ken Tamplin, who worked with Sam Hagar. Trevor still loves to sing and occasionally breaks out into song at the Dancetime Center. In 2013, he decided to rid himself of most of his possessions and buy a one way airplane ticket to sunny San Diego for the palm trees and warm weather and plans to retire young in Hawaii.

The staff at the Dancetime Center is excited to have Trevor Davidson join our professional teaching staff. He is an expert in training people who have never danced, as well as, bronze, silver and gold American ballroom dance genres, club styles like hustle, nightclub 2-step, club Latin including salsa, bachata, merengue, East Coast swing, jitterbug and country western styles of dance. He is personable, ethical, intuitive and great with customers in private, group and/or wedding dance lessons. He is a clear communicator with a great sense of humor and makes students feel at ease while learning. He has an innate understanding of human psychology and loves interacting with people to create solid relationships both personal and professional. Trevor joined the Dancetime teaching staff in April 2013, with a commitment to pursue excellence in teaching dance as a full-time career and contribute to the Dancetime Center by sharing his talent, knowledge and dance skills with our teachers and students.

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