You don’t need a leisure suit to bring the best of the disco hustle to life in you living room with Shawn and Joanna Trautman’s Hustle 101. Step out with style and get your feet moving to the disco beat as Shawn and Joanna guide you through the basic steps, beginner moves, and style secrets that make 3 count disco hustle one of the most popular dances of all time. Hustle 101 features Shawn Trautman Instruction. Shawn Trautman Instruction describes an approach to dance lessons that removes the frustration and leaves the fun as you learn the fundamental steps, moves, and patterns for each dance. If you’ve never danced, Hustle 101 will give you a taste for the disco side of couples dancing. If you are a proficient dancer who is looking to add Hustle to his or her repertoire, Shawn and Joanna give a fun, clear, and well-paced overview of what makes Hustle pop and tips that will help you apply what you already know about dancing to Hustle and get moving in a matter of minutes.