Learn to Dance Bachata Volume 1 by The Dance Store. Beginner-Advanced. This DVD shows the hottest moves that are danced in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles. This video is nearly two hours in length with twenty-five figures and many variations and combinations. The video starts with the basic step and then takes you through all of the popular and essential bachata figures. Then it moves on to show super hot figures involving dips. The DVD navigation menu takes you right to the start of each step. An ultra high quality production, this DVD features beautiful broadcast quality video with stereo CD-quality sound. This dance was born in the Dominican Republic and we teach you how to achieve the important Latin body action so that you can dance with true Dominican style. This video also contains a practice without a partner section where you can practice many of the steps without a partner. Just watch the screen and follow along. As an extra bonus, this video includes instruction on the basic steps of merengue and salsa. The instructors, Joe and Sarah, are former UCWDC dance competitors. Danced very close with hip bump actions, Bachata is perhaps the sexiest of all Latin dances. The bachata is one of the three essential dances of all Latin nightclubs, the other two being salsa and merengue. If you are thinking about stepping out to the local Latin club, you need this video.