Over two hours of content! Forty-five figures and many variations and combinations! Shows all of the essential and most popular figures danced today! This video is fully suitable for the complete beginner, but it goes on to show a boatload of intermediate figures. This is the classic country-western two step, a true American dance made popular by the movie, Urban Cowboy. Two step is a fast-traveling dance that moves counterclockwise around the perimeter of the dance floor. The basic footwork timing is quick, quick, slow, slow. This video begins with the basic step and progresses through the forty-five most essential and popular figures that are danced in the two step. We call this essential set of figures the bronze syllabus. The feature presentation is about two hours in length. We also added bonus material that shows combinations. Whether your goal is to compete in a dance competition or to social dance, this is the video for you. The instructors are former UCWDC dance competitors and they teach the modern style that is used in all of the major country dance competitions.