Get swept away in the music and teh moment with Shawn and Joanna Trautman and Nightclub Two-Step. Shawn and Joanna will have you dancing Nightclub Two-Step, a dance created specifically for crowded dance floors and slow, romantic dance songs, in a matter of minutes. Pulling from decards of experience, Shawn and Joanna combine technical training, practical advice, healthy senses of humor, and a little bit of dance floor magic to have you moving to the beat, mastering the beginner moves of Nightclub Two-Step.

Each of Shawn Trautman’s 101 Dance Lesson DVDs is set up like a live lesson in your living room. Simply pop in the disc, push play, stand up, and dance along with Shawn and Joanna. By the end of a Shawn Trautman 101 DVD you are comfortable with the rhythm and timing of the dance you are learning, all of the connection points and how to create and maintain a dance frame with your partner, all of the style tidbits and quirks that make that particular dance unique, and enough fun beginner dance moves to feel comfortable on the dance floor. From the 101 level, you can jump right in to Moves and Patterns (intermediate) to take your dancing to the next level.