Ultimate Lindy Hop Volume 3 expands on everything you learned in the first two videos of the series. Daniel Newsome and Giselle Anguizola show you how to endlessly modify the Lindy Hop by adding, subtracting, and changing steps. Choose from a wide array of over 30 moves, learning each at your own pace and coming back for more whenever you’re ready. Dan and Giselle show every move clearly and simply — and how to make them look good! Go from standard patterns that every Lindy Hopper should know, to original steps and variations that are sure to dazzle. Each move is clearly broken down, and demonstrated to music at Seattle’s historic Triple Door Theater. This DVD will have you adding the style, energy and syncopation that defines the Lindy Hop. Giselle and Dan been teaching students worldwide for over a decade, and each is known as a leading historian and innovator in the Lindy Hop community. You will learn the authentic steps from the 1930s and 1940s that jitterbugs all over the world still dance today. At Motion Lifestyle we believe the best dancer is the one having the most fun and aim to make our students the best dancers on the floor. There is no better way to learn the Lindy Hop!