Learn to Dance the Waltz (Social Style) right from home using our proven 3-step System.

Dancing the Waltz is an awesome way to meet people, socialize & build confidence in yourself while having fun at the same time.

Social Style Waltz is more casual and relaxed. These Waltz patterns are danced often at informal social dances, country nightclubs and weddings. Social Style Waltz has a fun and comfortable look on the dance floor that’s easy to learn.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by…order your copy today & step by step we’ll teach you how to be the dancer everyone wants to dance with!

You’ll feel comfortable learning how to Waltz (Social Style) from Dean & Dawn Garrish who are Champion Dancers & Instructors that have been teaching and competing for over 25 years. Dean & Dawn have won 2 UCWDC World Titles, 6 US Open Swing Titles & over 50 Top Teacher Awards.

Dean & Dawn make it fun to learn with an easy, non-intimidating style. With this volume, you can enjoy learning the following:

Introduction to Waltz (Social Style)

1 – Waltz Timing & Rhythm

2 – Closed Position, Waltz Basic & Inside Turn

3 – Outside Turn

4 – Cape Turns with a Freespin

5 – Promenade to Wrap In & Wrap Out

6 – Outside Turn, Vine with a Turn & Freespin

7 – Promenade, Follow’s Toss Across & Alternating Toss Across

8 – Putting It All Together

BONUS – Tips from the Champions

BONUS – Practice Music Section for you to practice what you’ve learned

We use computer-generated graphics to help make learning quicker and clearer too. It’s like having Dean & Dawn for private social style Waltz lessons at your home anytime you wish. Now, due to popular demand, we’re proud to make this how to dance the Waltz (Social Style) DVD available. You can learn from the Champions at home, at your own pace and when you have time. Save a great deal of money over private lessons too! Dean & Dawn can help you learn or improve more dances with our other DVDs such as West Coast Swing Vol 1 & Vol 2, East Coast Swing Vol 1, Cha Cha Vol 1, Two Step Vol 1 & Vol 2, Hustle Vol 1 and Nightclub Two Step Vol 1. We would love to have you join us and hope to see you on the dance floor soon!

Customers outside of the USA please note: This DVD is an Instructional DVD in NTSC format and in the English language for Personal Use Only.  All Rights Reserved.