Finally! A Reliable, Formulaic, Proven Way to Dance West Coast Swing Almost Effortlessly with Kristin Ham s Most Engaging, Easy, Foolproof Beginner West Coast Swing Lessons.

  • Designed for Beginners
  • Easy to Follow
  • Step-by-Step Move Breakdowns
  • Every Single Detail Explained
  • Dance Along at Your Own Pace
  • Learn With or without a partner
  • Practice with Music
  • Have you tried live lessons? Did you find yourself lost, frustrated, and disappointed? Did you feel as though you almost had it ? Have no fear. Whether you are a West Coast enthusiast who feels as though he or she is missing a crucial detail or two, or a complete and utter beginner who just knows they want to West Coast , Kristin and Monty fill in all the blanks and build your dance from the ground up with Kristin s Beginner West Coast Swing 3 Pack. Who is Kristin Geil-Ham s Beginner West Coast Swing Series For? Kristin created the Beginner West Coast Swing 3 pack for ANYONE LOOKING FOR A FOOL-PROOF WAY TO LEARN WEST COAST SWING. Sound good? Now, let s discover what all is included in this ground-breaking Beginner West Coast Swing 3 Pack:

    • You will receive 3 Full-length Private Lesson West Coast Swing DVDs with Kristin and Monty Ham that really break down EVERY STEP in a clear, simple, and extremely detailed This-Is-What-You-Need-To-Do-And-Think order. You have the best spot in the class with the prime views of feet, hand positions, body alignment, partner connection, etc as you work through each concept during the lesson.
    • Before you even start dancing, experience an in-depth count-by-count analysis of West Coast Swing Rhythm. If you don t experience a light bulb moment or two, watch it again. Kristin and Monty take the complex West Coast Swing rhythm, break it down, and build it again from the feet up.
    • You will have in your possession over 5 Hours of Award-Winning Beginner West Coast Swing Instruction from one of the top dance teachers in the world!
    • As you dive in to these lessons with Kristin and Monty, you will master the Basic West Coast Swing Dance Steps You Need regardless of your overall dance experience level.
    • Once you have the basic steps Kristin and Monty walk you through all of the Beginner Moves That Are Perfect for the Social Floor. These are the Turns, Moves, and Steps that are Guaranteed to Make You Look GREAT!
    • Enjoy Clear, Detailed Instructions on everything from foot action to fingertip styling for BOTH Ladies and Gentlemen. Kristin and Monty take each piece of this dance and explain it in detail so you DON T MISS A THING!

    Anyone interested in dancing West Coast Swing by Discovering How to Dance the Basics, Stay on the Beat, and Execute both 6 and 8 count patterns CANNOT Afford to Miss This… Kristin s Beginner West Coast Swing 3 Pack is appropriate (actually mandatory) if: (a) You are already dancing some basic West Coast Swing and are interested in finding better (and easier) ways to feel confident and look great on the dance floor. (b) You are seriously considering joining the fascinating, fun, and ever-growing world of West Coast Swing and are interested in discovering the best (and most in-depth) ways to dance everything from basic footwork to 8 count whip patterns right from the start. There is NO BETTER OPPORTUNITY to discover what makes West Coast Swing addictively fun and challenging and dance along with Kristin and her partner Monty as they guide you through everything you need to know to West Coast Swing!