West Coast Swing for Beginners Volume 2 is the second DVD in Shawn Trautman’s West Coast Swing series that was filmed and released in 2006. Shawn and Joanna Trautman have released a new West Coast Swing series in 2012 with updated and improved music, moves, format, and production quality, based on student/customer feedback from our 2006 series and live lessons at our studio in Clearwater Florida. If you are looking for absolute beginner West Coast Swing, check out West Coast Swing 101. If you know the basic steps you can jump in with Shawn Trautman’s West Coast Swing Moves and Patterns Volume 1. For intermediate steps and moves look to West Coast Swing Moves and Patterns Volumes 1 through 3. Advanced West Coast Swing dancers need to check out the challenging material on West Coast Swing Advanced Volumes 1 and 2.