Don’t worry dancers, Shawn & Joanna Trautman have you covered when it comes to what’s next on your West Coast Swing lessons. With what you’ve learned in West Coast Swing 101 and Moves & Patterns Vol. 1, you’ll be ready for everything whip related. With these West Coast Swing dance lessons, you’ll quickly grasp the basics of the Whip, Open Whip, Basket Whip and more. Not only will you go through the Whip patterns and variations, you’ll also get different leads, style & technique on entrances and exits and you’ll also get several fun combinations that you can dance with anyone.

In addition, you’ll learn how to dance each piece independently as well as a group and you’ll get some bonus/challenge moves to keep you on your toes at the end. Oh, and yes, you’ll get some great West Coast Swing music to practice to throughout the video! All in all, this is DVD is where you start taking your West Coast Swing Lessons to another level!

With West Coast Swing Moves & Patterns Volume 2, you’ll master the essential steps, leads, rhythms and style points necessary for successful execution of this lynch pin of West Coast Swing pattern building and movement. Shawn Trautman s signature dance lessons will have you dancing the Whip, Open Whip, Basket Whip, and several essential exit patterns smoothly as you move through each lesson, the review, and top it off with flair in the bonus section.