Dance classes San Diego directory features group dance classes for different types of dance styles offered throughout the greater San Diego area. In addition, we include links to San Diego dance studios, schools, dance group schedules, all San Diego dance lessons and a guide to dancing in San Diego! I (Pattie Wells) moved my dance classes, parties, events and teachers to another dance studio after closing the Pattie Wells’ DanceTime Center in 2014. Currently, I only offer private dance lessons for individuals or couples in San Diego, California. See the complete list of dance classes in San Diego below!

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Aerial Silks Dance Classes San Diego

Argentine Tango Dance Classes San Diego

Ballet & Classic Dance Classes San Diego (Jazz, Tap, Etc)

In this ballet & classic styles section, we include jazz, tap, contemporary, modern, as well as ballet and other classical dance styles. In addition, many dance studios and schools offer hip hop, fitness, gymnastics, acrobatics and other types of dances too. Many  dance studios in San Diego offer dance classes for kids, as well as adults.

Ballroom Dance Classes San Diego

Ballroom dance features three categories including social dancing, performance dance and dancesport. Moreover, the term ballroom is an umbrella term that includes most partner style dance genres. Furthermore, these dance styles include International & American ballroom dance, swing, tango, salsa, club Latin (merengue, bachata, salsa), country western dancing, West Coast swing and other dance genres.

Belly Dance Classes in San Diego

Capoeira Dance Classes San Diego

The Brazilian dance form called Capoeira has African roots. It combines dancing and martial arts kicks and chops in its movements.

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Wedding Dance Classes San Diego

The first wedding dance is unique to each bride and groom so it is seldom a topic that is included in group dance classes. There are different types of wedding dances like the father-daughter, mother-son and the bride and groom’s first wedding dance. In addition, dance lessons are sometimes taken by the wedding party or relatives of the wedding couple. Generally, the most popular types of wedding dance styles include: waltz, slow dance, nightclub two step, foxtrot and swing, however, some couples choose Latin dance or hip hop too. Furthermore, some couples choose a mash-up of several songs in different styles for their choreographed first wedding dance routine.

Zumba & Dance Fitness Classes in San Diego

Zydeco & Cajun Dance Classes in San Diego

Types of Ballroom Dance Classes in San Diego

Ballroom Dance Classes San Diego

Ballroom dance classes often include the classic American ballroom smooth and rhythm dance genres:  waltz, foxtrot, tango, rumba & cha cha.  In addition, some classes may offer all the American smooth dances like the Viennese waltz, foxtrot, tango and slow waltz. Moreover, some dance courses may include all the American rhythm dances like the rumba, cha cha, mambo, East Coast swing, bolero and samba. Furthermore, the peabody is rarely included in group dance classes. The peabody is an early twentieth century dance that moves like a combination of foxtrot and quickstep. For the most part, it is seldom included in ballroom competitions, performances or dance socials.

The American style ballroom dances are common at social dance venues, performances and at ballroom in dancesport. The International style ballroom dances are better suited for dancesport although they are popular in Europe. The two different styles of ballroom dancing have been fusing in the last couple of decades and, at times, look very similar, in my opinion.

Ballroom Dance Videos

American Waltz by Jim Desmond & Sally Olgivie

American Foxtrot & Hustle by Brandon Detty

American Tango Dance Team Performance

Additional Ballroom Dance Info 

Swing Dance Classes San Diego

San Diego, California is home for a thriving swing dance community featuring swing dancing every night of the week. In addition, there are dozens of swing dance classes in San Diego for all the different types of swing dance genres. Swing dance has always been and is still today one of the most popular forms of social dancing.  The Lindy hop was the original swing dance from the 1920’s & 30’s.  In addition, the Lindy Hop incorporated Charleston moves evolving into many different styles of swing. In the following decades, it evolved into East Coast swing, boogie woogie, jitterbug, and finally West Coast swing.

Read about the Evolution of Swing Dancing.

Swing Dance Videos

Jitterbug Performance Team, Bugle Boy 1988

Jitterbug Club San Diego’s Sunday night party

East Coast Swing routine with Trevor & Stephanie

Salsa Dance Classes in San Diego

The salsa dance is one of the most popular dance genres in the world. In addition, San Diego, California is a hub for salsa dancing with salsa dance venues almost every night of the week. Latin clubs throughout San Diego offer Latin dance nights featuring live music and deejays. Also, there are dozens of salsa dance lessons in San Diego at nightclubs, dance studios and Latin dance schools. Furthermore, most Latin  clubs offer a mix of salsa, bachata and merengue music.

Salsa Dance Videos

Salsa Dance Team Performance

Salsa Performance by Jose & Yvonne Bello

Salsa Dance Articles & Blogs


West Coast Swing is the latest evolution of the original swing dance genres. In addition, it sometimes called the Cadillac of all swing dance forms for its complexity and abundance of free expression. This characteristic makes it a dancers dance requiring many months and often years to achieve excellence in this style of swing dancing.

(Mark Pablo in San Diego teaching a West Coast swing workshop)

West Coast Swing Articles

West Coast Swing Videos

Pattie Wells’ DanceTime Westie Parties

West Coast Swing 2nd Saturday at the Dancetime Center

West Coast swing social dancing (circa 2012)

Tango Dance Classes San Diego

Tango daninge originated in Argentina in the nineteenth century then spread around the world as a tango show. Moreover, in each country the tango transformed to fit the the various locales. In the United States, it was codified by dance studios to appeal to Americans. Also, since the foxtrot was popular during this period many foxtrot movements were incorporated into the tango style that became the American tango.

In current day, tango is popular worldwide and there are a minimum of three styles of tango that are popular:  American tango, International tango and the original, Argentine tango, read more about tango here:

Argentine Tango Videos

Mark Pablo & Yvonne Bello’s Argentine Tango Performance

Carlos Barrionuevo & Mayte Valdes Argentine Tango Performance

Hustle Dance Classes San Diego

The hustle dance (partner style dance) developed in the 1970’s reaching its peak in 1980 but continues to be popular in different parts of the U.S. and around the world. In addition, there are several different styles of hustle dancing including:

  • The L.A. Hustle evolved from a dance known as the street hustle popular in Los Angeles and San Diego in the mid-seventies. Eventually, the name changed from street hustle to L.A. Hustle remaining popular in Southern California to this day.
  • The New York Hustle was more popular on the East Coast of the United States. In recent years, the New York hustle has been spreading across the U.S. and continues to increase in popularity nationally and even internationally.
  • New Style Hustle developed in recent years in different places around the world and continues to rise in popularity.

Hustle Dance Videos

(David Nguyen taught L.A. Hustle in San Diego in the 2000’s)

(L.A. Hustle & Samba Routine with David Nguyen & Ingrid Valdna)