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The West Coast Swing San Diego community is rich with multiple weekly dances, lessons and two yearly competitions. Check out the WCS weekly dance calendar here! This page is updated often with the latest directory of social West Coast swing San Diego dance venues including local Elks & Moose lodges, dance studios, nightclubs, West Coast Swing events, deejays, instructors, classes and artists/musicians.

West Coast Swing San Diego,  June 19th to July 2nd!

West Coast Swing San Diego couple
  • Tuesday, June 19th, West Coast Swing SD @ Tango del Rey, 8:30 PM, $7
  • Wednesday, June 20th, None
  • Thursday, June 21st, Swinging Thursdays@ Starlight, 8:30 PM
  • Friday, June 22nd, None
  • Saturday, June 23rd, Project Swing @ Starlight, 8:30 PM, $10, $5 FTS
  • Sunday, June 24th, SD Swing Club @ El Cajon Elks, 3 PM, $5 (members), $7
  • Monday, June 25th  Monday Westie Practice @ Movement Ctr, 8:30 PM
  • Tuesday, June 26th, West Coast Swing SD @ Tango del Rey, 8:30 PM, $7
  • Wednesday, June 27th, None
  • Thursday, June 28th, Swinging Thursdays@ Starlight, 8:30 PM
  • Friday, June 29th, None
  • Saturday, June 30th, TBA
  • Sunday, July 1st, SD Swing Club @ El Cajon Elks, 3 PM, $5 (members), $7
  • Monday, July 2nd  NO Monday Westie Practice @ Movement Ctr, 8:30 PM

Every Tuesday @ Tango Del Rey

west coast swing san diego community dance location: tango del rey in pacific beach

Tuesday, June 19th, Teach/DJ: Rachel/Chris
Tuesday, June 26th, Teach/DJ: Taylor & Shawn

  • Admission: $7
  • Food Available
  • Beer/Wine
  • 7:30pm Free Intro WCS lesson
  • 8:30pm Open Dancing

3567 Del Rey St
San Diego, CA 92109







2nd Wednesday @ Cheers Bar

west coast swing san diego community dance location: Cheers Bar & Grill

Wednesday,  July 11th (normally 2nd Wednesdays)

  • No Cover Charge
  • Food Available & Full Bar
  • 7:30pm Lesson ($5), Jade
  • 8:30pm Open Dancing, DJ’s Jade & Annette

9995 Carmel Mountain Rd
San Diego, CA 92129








Swinging Thursdays @Starlight Studio

  • 8:30-10:30 PM, $5 (dance only)
  • 7:30 PM: Beg. WCS Lesson, Rotating Instructors
  • 8:30 PM Open Dancing
  • Admission: $5 ($10 for class & dance)

6506 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92115

Cancelled Until Further Notice

west coast swing san diego community dance location: Westie Jam Social in Carlsbad

Westie Jam WCS @ TBA

Next Dance Party: TBA
Guest Teachers: TBA
Deejay: TBA

  • 7:00pm – 1.5 hour Beginning WCS
  • 7:00pm — Intermediate WCS
  • 7:45pm – Intermediate/Advanced WCS
  • 8:30pm to ??? – Dance till you drop

2441 Impala Dr. Carlsbad, CA 92010



Saturdays – See Venues

west coast swing san diego community dance schedule for saturday dances

  • 1st Swing Night Out
    Dance Unlimited Perf. Arts Academy – (Oceanside)
  • 2nd West Coast Swing Movement
  • 3rd Innovations Dance Club
    Starlight Dance Studio – SDSU Area
  • 4th Project Swing by Parker Dearborn
    Starlight Dance Studio – SDSU Area
  • 5th “End of the Line” with Jade & Chris
     Synergy Dance Zone – Mira Mesa (Pyramid)


Sunday Swing @ The Elks Lodge – San Diego Swing Dance Club

Members $5.00
Non-Members $7.00

3pm to 4pm – Beginner Lesson
4pm to 7pm – Dance

1400 E. Washington Ave.
El Cajon CA 92019

West Coast Swing San Diego Lessons


  • Monday Westie Practice (2nd & 4th Mondays @ Movement Dance Center)
  • Beginner & Intermediate w/ Mark Pablo @ Dance For 2 (Clairemont Mesa)
  • Beginning WCS w/Brandy Richey @ Starlight Studio (La Mesa)
  • Beginner & Intermediate w/Abigail Vogels @ The Gym (Del Mar)


  • Int/Adv WCS w/ Brandy  Richey @  Starlight Studio (La Mesa)


  • WCS Fundamentals & WCS Int., Christopher & Rachel@ Dance North County (Encinitas)
  • Beg/Int & Int/Adv WCS w/Tony Schubert & Larisa Tingle  @ Starlight Studio (La Mesa)


  • Beginner & Intermediate w/ Jade Ruiz @ Synergy Dance Zone (Mira Mesa),
  • Beginner WCS w/Rotating instructors @ Starlight Studio (La Mesa)


WCS San Diego Competitions

WCS Articles

The West Coast swing is a living dance that evolves along with contemporary music but can still be danced to many different genres of music, read more about swing dance. Read about the history, styles, world festivals and competitions and a variety of articles at All About West Coast Swing Dance.

West Coast swing is one of the most popular partner dance genres in the world. It has spread globally to many countries including France, UK, Australia, Canada, Italy and more. DANCE TALK features articles on all of the partner dance genres including many articles on the West Coast swing.

  • 25 West Coast Swing Dancers for 2015:
    DanceTime Global culled dozens of West Coast Swing videos from 2013 & 2014 to find these West Coast swing performers and competitors. The dancers represent many different countries from around the world including Brazil, England, France, Canada, Australia, Russia and the United States.
  • The International West Coast Swing Flash Mob is an perfect example that demonstrates how dance is universal and thrives in a global community across borders, boundaries, cultures and religions. This video blog is a sample of West Coast Swing dance videos resulting from a collaborative effort by people in 23 countries, 78 cities and 3000+ dancers worldwide in the autumn of 2014.
  • All About West Coast Swing: A comprehensive article on West Coast Swing includes links to world wide festivals, global videos, styles, history and links to WCS articles on the Internet.
  • A Guide to West Coast Swing Technique features a discussion and videos on some very important West Coast swing dance techniques including rolling count, one-track walking, engaging the lats, contra body movement, initiate-respond techniqe, starting on the downbeat.
  • Dance Music Upbeats & Downbeats describes what a “downbeat” and “upbeat” is and how to listen for and discriminate them in dance music.
  • On West Coast Swing Pt. 1 discusses the spread of the dance through YouTube to all ages of dancers across the globe and the non-verbal dialogue social West Coast swing.
  • On West Coast Swing Pt. 2 covers the evolution through the decades starting in the 1960’s to the present and changes due to codification for competition.
  • On West Coast Swing Pt. 3 explains the fascination of dancers with the West Coast swing including the concept of connection, communication, core movement, leverage and compression and the use of stretch in the dance.

West Coast Swing San Diego Videos

Candid WCS  Social Dancing Videos in San Diego

West Coast Swing San Diego Community Studios

West Coast swing is said to be a living dance because it continually evolves to fit contemporary music but it also works great for many different (past & present) types of music genres including: R&B, blues, soul, rock, pop, funk and ballads.

  • Dance For 2 Studio
  • Starlight Dance Studio
  • Dance North County
  • Synergy Dance Zone

West Coast Swing San Diego Dance Instructors

The West Coast Swing encourages a wide breadth of free expression. In fact, it has the most free expression for the dancer of all the partner dances, particularly, for the follow part. Dancers become very passionate about it because of its beautiful complexity. Accomplished West Coast swing dancers continue studying it in order to update their skills.




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