Dance Studios San Diego directory is a list of all the dance studios in San Diego, California. Moreover, this includes dance studios, dance centers and dance schools featuring all different types of dance including aerial arts, folk dance, Latin, ballroom, classic dance genres, Irish, belly dance, pole dancing and others. In addition, here we only include brick and mortar dance studios operating their business out of a building that they lease for their business location.

Also, this list does not include dance instruction businesses and/or dance instructors that sub-lease or rent space from brick and mortar dance studios. However, all the different types of dance lessons are included in  All Dance Lessons in San Diego article.

Dance Lessons San Diego class

Message from Pattie Wells

The Pattie Wells’ DanceTime Center closed in May of 2014 when I decided to semi-retire from teaching dance classes, hosting dance parties and operating a dance studio. Currently, I  still offer a limited number of private dance lessons including lessons for weddings in San Diego, California only. I teach out of a dance studio in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego.

Dance Studios San Diego

Aerial Silks Dance Studios San Diego

Aerial silks generally is a type of aerial performance by one or more people suspended in air from a fabric.  In addition, other terms for similar activities include aerial ribbons, aerial ribbon (or tissu) and aerial contortion.

Ballet & Classic Styles Dance Studios in San Diego

In this section, we include dance studios that offer the classic dance genres including ballet, modern, jazz, tap and contemporary. However, most of these dance studios also offer other forms of dance including fitness dance, gymnastics and/or hip hop, etc.

In addition, most classic dance studios offer kids dance classes on their dance schedules.

Ballroom Dance Studios San Diego

Ballroom dance is an umbrella term that includes many other types of dance including American & International ballroom, rhythm, Latin, smooth dance genres, country western, swing dance, Latin club dances (salsa, merengue and bachata), West Coast swing, Lindy hop, Balboa, nightclub partner dances, free style (solo dancing), tango, dancesport, competition dancing, round dancing and others.

Ballroom Dance studios dance styles

Most dance studios in San Diego, as well as, dance centers and organizations offer one or more of the following partner dance genres and styles.

  • American style smooth dancing: waltz, foxtrot, tango & Viennese waltz
  • American style rhythm dancing: rumba, cha cha, swing, mambo & bolero
  • Latin Club style dancing: salsa, merenguebachata
  • Club Dance Styles: hustle, nightclub Two Step, salsa, swing, etc
  • Swing dancing styles: East Coast swing & West Coast swing, jitterbug, Lindy hop, Balboa
  • Country Western dancing: two step, waltz, polka etc
  • International Standard (Ballroom) genres : quickstep, waltz, foxtrot, tango & Viennese waltz
  • International Latin dance styles: samba, cha cha, rumba, jive & paso doble
  • Wedding Dance Styles: contemporary & classic waltz, nightclub two step, slow dancing

Belly Dance Studios San Diego

Merriam Webster dictionary defines belly dance as “a type of Middle Eastern dance done by a woman who makes rhythmic movements with her hips and belly.”  In recent years, it has evolved a lot and is done worldwide with elaborate routines that also include intricate arm movements.

Dance & Culture Studios San Diego

Dance and culture together is a fantastic idea! Why not include musical instruments, musicians, cultural workshops and dancing together.

Children’s Dance Studios in San Diego

Most of the dance studios listed in the ballet & other classic dance genres (above) offer dance classes for children, juniors and younger dancers as well as adult dance classes. Please click to check their schedules. I include two that seem to specialize in kids dance classes  here.

Folk Dance Studios San Diego

Folk dance generally refers to dance genres that are from specific regions and/or countries. For example, Greek dances, polka, clogging, Hora, Irish, Italian, Turkish, Nordic polska and others.

Hip Hop Dance Studios San Diego

Hip Hop is an umbrella term that refers to a group of street dance genres performed to hip hop music. For example, some of these types of dances include breaking, locking, popping and others.

International Dance Studios & Classes

Irish Dance Studios San Diego

Irish dancing features a group of dance styles that originated in Ireland which includes solo, group dances. Also, Irish dancing has three basic categories: social, performance and competition dancing.  Moreover, some of the dance styles include stepdance, Irish ceili dances (two or more people up to sixteen) and set dancing. Lastly, Irish dance is a sub-category of folk dance but due to its breadth and popularity due to the traveling dance and music show Riverdance we decided to give it a separate listing!

Pole Dance Studios San Diego

Pole dancing continues to skyrocket as both a performance art and a dancesport activity in recent decades. It has evolved from a nightclub entertainment activity to a world athletic competitive sport.

Zumba Dance Fitness Studios in San Diego

Dance fitness has evolved from aerobics and jazzercise to the wildly popular zumba fitness craze in the last decade. Now, most gyms and many dance studios of all types of dance include zumba dance classes as part of their dance fitness programs.

Dance Studios San Diego FAQ’s

Now that you have the contact info for the major dance studios, remember to shop for the right type of  dance lessons. For instance, consider whether you are interested in group dance classes or private dance lessons for individuals or couples. In addition, think about the goal of the dance lessons. For example, are you preparing to dance at a wedding or learning a first dance wedding routine? In this case, look for wedding dance lessons that focus on the wedding dances like the first dance, mother-son or father-daughter dance or just dancing at the wedding reception. Furthermore, take into consideration the experience of the professional dance instructor, finding competitive prices and the quality of the facility. Lastly,  here is a list of possible questions to consider when researching dance studios in San Diego!

Questions to ask before choosing a dance studio in San Diego

  1. Is the teaching staff experienced and highly trained?
  • Ask how many years the teachers have been teaching
  • Ask if your teacher has taught full-time or part-time (average number of lessons taught weekly)
  • Who and/or where they were trained to teach
  • What is their area of expertise? e.g. ballroom, nightclub, swing, country, dancesport
  1. Is it a storefront facility?
  • Is the business located in a storefront? (no garages please)
  • Is the storefront in a sage neighborhood?
  • Is there adequate close parking available?
  • Does the facility have air conditioning?
  • Is the dance floor a quality hardwood floor designed for dancers?
  • Do the facilities provide restroom facilities, water?
  • Is there a reception staff? Greeters? Teaching staff?
  1. Does the dance studio provide a number of dance resources?
  1. Does the dance studio offer competitive prices?
  1. Ask about the professional background of the teaching staff?
  • Ask if the teachers belong to any dance organizations
  • Has the teaching staff taught at the local colleges or Universities
  • Does the dance studio have a mentoring program
  • Do the students at the dance studio look competent?
  1. Does the studio offer quality dance lessons?
  • Does the teaching staff exhibit adequate communication skills?
  • Is the dance teaching staff easy to understand?
  1. Additional questions to consider about dance studios
  • Do the dance teachers have additional credentials? (college degrees, certifications)
  • Does the management have business and teaching background?

Additional Info On Dancing in San Diego, CA

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