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Pattie Wells is the premier wedding dance lessons San Diego specialist. She is one of the most experienced professional wedding dance teachers and wedding choreographers in the United States, with over three decades of dance experience. Pattie combines her background in music, dance and teaching to create a memorable wedding first dance for brides and grooms plus the special father-daughter and mother-son dances for the wedding day.

With decades of dance experience for your wedding dance lessons in San Diego, Pattie creates everything from a completely choreographed routine to an easy, low stress first dance, or a father-daughter, mother-son or wedding party dancing with our affordable wedding dance lessons San Diego discount packages (see below).

Wedding Dance Lessons San Diego Outdoors

Pattie Wells has worked with hundreds of wedding couples, creating many wonderful memories of dancing at the wedding reception for brides, grooms and their families. Pattie researches the most popular, newest and classic songs for their wedding dance song. She collaborates with entertainment companies and photographers to assist you in creating an incredible wedding first dance, father-daugter, mother-son or wedding reception dancing.

Wedding Dance Lessons San Diego Consultation

Pattie Wells offers a 1/2 hour phone consultation for wedding dance lessons San Diego, to help in selecting the best wedding dance lesson package for your wedding. Preparing for your wedding dance means choosing the right wedding dance song, dance style and wedding dance choreography to achieve the perfect wedding dance experience on your special day. We pride ourselves in our long history of being the premier wedding dance lessons San Diego specialists!

Whether you are a newcomer to dance or an experienced dancer, we are here to serve you with our FREE Wedding Dance Consultation. We can send our professional wedding dance info for everything you need to know about wedding dance lessons San Diego by email or do a wedding consultation by phone.

Our wedding dance lessons San Diego program includes 20, 10 or 5 private dance lessons at a great discounted rate.

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Wedding Dance Lessons FAQ

Below we include some wedding dance lessons FAQ’s with answers to many common questions about the wedding dance lessons San Diego. Participating in the wedding dance lessons is great practice for couples on working together for a common goal, practicing tolerance, compassion, patience and how to cherish the success of one’s partner, as well as, one’s own success. The way couples learn together on the wedding dance lessons is a good start to accomplishing goals together in the future. The wedding first dance is an essential part of a wedding and a wonderful beginning to a successful marriage.

When to start depends on how elaborate a wedding dance you want. Some couples start 6 months in advance while others wait until 2 weeks before their wedding. Starting earlier relieves some of the stress of learning a new dance including the choreography, entrance, exit and timing. Plan to take your wedding dance lessons early enough to enjoy the time you spend together working on your special first dance at your wedding
It can be but this might take most couples several months of dance lessons and somewhere in the range of 20 to 30 private dance lessons to learn a choreographed routine. Many couples opt for a partially choreographed routine, which doesn’t require the commitment of time and as many lessons.