San Diego Dancing Guide is a directory of dance venues, bands, dance clubs, studios, nightclubs and some amazing aerial drone & time lapse videography of America’s finest city! In addition, visitors and locals alike can find dancing in the greater San Diego area every night of the week. Also, San Diego is home to a eclectic dance scene with a diversity of dance genres including Latin & ballroom, swing era Lindy hop, balboa, country western and Argentine tango.

San Diego dancing at sunset

Additionally, one can find kizomba, jitterbug, club Latin like salsa, bachata, merengue, zouk and even Cajun, zydeco, Viennese waltz, International ballroom and West Coast swing dancing. Furthermore, San Diego is proud to be home to many world famous dance champions and experienced teachers, resources for social dancing, dance sport and studios. Consequently, it is a hub of social, performance and competition dancesport.

San Diego Dancing Resources

Good Morning, San Diego by Eladio Arvelo (Aerial Photography)

San Diego Dancing Venues

There are a wide variety of places to go dancing in San Diego including nightclubs, lodges, dance studios, ballrooms, cultural & arts center, outdoor venues and even the central library. Moreover, San Diego is home to a thriving dance community. Additionally, here are links to the dance venues in San Diego, California.

(Welcome Home: A San Diego Timelapse Journey by Michael Shainblum)

Dance Festivals, Conventions, Competitions

San Diego one of the hubs for dancing in the United States with almost every type of different dance styles including ballroom, swing, Latin, tango and country western. However, San Diego is home to a thriving Cajun and zydeco dance community and hundreds of West Coast swing dancers.

Dance Bands, Musicians & Singers

San Diego features dozens of live music dance venues featuring local talented musicians, singers and dance bands. Moreover, San Diego averages 65+ dance venues with all different types of dance styles to either live or deejayed music throughout San Diego county.

Venues by Dance Genres

San Diego is home to world famous ballroom dance champions like Mary Murphy at Champion Ballroom, Parker Dearborn at Starlight Dance Studio and tango performers and teachers, Carlos Barrionueva and Mayte Valdez. In addition, San Diego is home for renowned dance educators including Joel  Plys (Lindy hop & Balboa), Michael Kiehm (West Coast swing), Carrie Kloss (Ballroom), David Stein (Salsa) and Pattie Wells (swing, jitterbug, West Coast swing).

San Diego Dancing Guide on Pattie Wells' DanceTime Home page

Dance Lessons in San Diego

There are over 100+ places including dance studios, dance schools, lodges and nightclubs that offer a great variety of dance lessons in San Diego. Moreover, there are individual private dance lessons, group class lessons, semi-private lessons and dance workshops across San Diego county.

San Diego sunset
(Photo of sunset in San Diego by Michael Shainblum)

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