Country Western Dancing

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Country Western dancing includes the country western two-step, triple two-step, waltz, polka, East & West Coast swing, nightclub two step, schottische, cowboy cha cha, line dance and Country swing. The country western dances are popular dance genres for dance studios, country western clubs and country western competitions. While the country western dances have their own distinct flavors, they have been influenced by ballroom dancers since the early 1990’s.

History of Country Western dancing

There is some evidence that the country western dancing evolved in the early 1930’s. The country western two-step has elements similar to the foxtrot. But is also incorporates turns and spins like swing dancing.

Country Western Popularity

County Western dancing go up and down in popularity with the rise and fall of the popularity of country western music. Consequently, there was a huge interest in country western dancing along with the music in late 1990’s and early two thousands. Still, there are many places that it is still popular today. Country western music continues to be popular since its resurgence in the late nineteen nineties. The country western waltz, cha cha and polka has much in common with their ballroom counterparts.

Most dance studios offer at least some of the country western dances. Social dancers love Country Western dancing especially the country western two-step. Most dance studios that offer lessons in country western dancing offer the country western two-step. The best classes focus on the dance concepts, movements and fundamentals of the contemporary style of the dances. Also, they might include dance lessons in country western waltz and the other dance genres. Generally, learning these dance genres helps the dancer with other dance styles like swing and ballroom dancing.

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