Pole dancing has become very popular in the last couple of decades as a dance art and sports fitness activity. In this article, we will cover the many benefits for those who participate in pole dancing classes and enjoy this trendy fitness craze. Pole dancing increases core strength, reduces stress and are just plain fun. Also, pole dancing classes are filled with women of all ages, sizes, shapes and varying  degrees of fitness. The fact is, pole dance fitness has moved out of the shadows from strip joints to trendy fitness clubs and dance studios.

Learn Pole Dancing DVDs

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Pole Dance Performance

Pole dance performance by Anastasia Sokolova, Ibiza 2014

What’s All the Buzz About Pole dancing classes?

In recent times, there has been an increasing popularity in a variety of new exercise and dance fitness choices. For instance, circus arts (silks), zumba fitness, kick boxing, barre, resistance training, and hip hop has become more popular. In addition, belly dance, pole dancing classes along with past favorites like aerobics, jazzercise, yoga and pilates have all seen increasing attendance.

Miss Pole Dance United Kingdom, 2014

Pole dance by Yvette Dusol, UK 2014

In the last decade, pole dancing has become one of the most popular fitness trends in the United States. Because, it is a combination of dance and acrobatics to music, t is considered a performance art, as well as, a fitness activity.

World Pole Dance Championships 2014

Winning Pole Dance Performance by Bendy Kate, (UK)

Here is an excerpt from a Mind Body Green article by Imingard Mayer, “Most pole dancers, regardless of age, are in the best shape of their lives.”

Benefits of Pole Dancing Classes?

Physical Benefits:

Pole dance fitness has a more diverse array of benefits than most fitness activities. Subsequenly, it is one of the best physical activities for toning and strengthening muscles, particularly for core strengthening, back, arms and legs. Also, it is a great cardio workout and increases flexibility (limberness), better for the bones than high-impact aerobics or running and a great way to lose weight, reduce fat and increase muscle tissue. Pole dancing classes include a warm-up plus strengthening exercises and drills to improve flexibility to prepare for the actual pole dancing maneuvers.

  • Weight loss & management
  • Isometric exercise
  • Increases flexibility (limberness)
  • Muscles: builds, tones, strengthens: back, abdominal muscles, arms, legs, etc.
  • Bones: better for bones than running or aerobics
  • Heart (cardio) workout

Champions Choice for Miss Pole Dance Australia 2015

Pole Dance by Natalie Stephens (Natty), Australia 2015

Social Benefits:

Pole dance has numerous social benefits including an increased awareness of our body and a social environment that is created in pole dancing classes among classmates. Therefore, there is a sense of empowerment as women increase strength and flexibility. Seeing what our bodies are capable of and the freedom of expression in pole dancing enhances this sense of well-being. Pole dancing classes provide a group of classmates to share in this renewed sense of empowerment and expression.

  • Social activity
  • Body awareness
  • Improved sensual awareness

Miss Pole Dance South Africa 2012

Pole dance by Jenyne Butterfly

Weight Loss Benfits:

Pole dance fitness is great for burning calories and replacing fat with muscle tissue. It burns as many calories in a half hour as an aerobics class.

  • Calories burned in one hours = 250-350 calories varies by weight *
  • Decrease fat, increase muscles and lose weight

Miss Pole Dance Japan 2012

Pole dance by Haruna 2012

Emotional Benefits:

Dancing is a great way to lift our spirit, elevate our moods with increased endorphins, music, movement and social interactions. Pole dancing is a strenous workout; it takes time and  patience to build the core and arm strength to climb a pole. If a person sticks it out they will discover emotional benefits with an increased confidence of achieving goals and improving their fitness.

  • Builds confidence
  • Increases Endorphins
  • Social enviroment
  • Empowerment

Miss Pole Dance Hungary 2014

Pole dance by Beatrix Kollar, winner 2014

Mental/Psychological Benefits:

All exercise is good for reducing stress and general overall health. Pole dancing reduces stress, increases endorphins, improves balance and kinesthetic awareness, increases blood flow, oxygen to the body and brain; all of which, also help us sleep better. Pole dancing classes are filled with people who are benefitting in many ways by this amazing fitness trend.

  • Reduces stress
  • Increase endorphins
  • Improve balance & kinesthetic awareness
  • Increase blood flow & oxygen to brain
  • Improves sleep

Florida Pole Fitness 2015

1st Place Professional Winner, Albena Aleksandrova, 2015

 Fitness Through Pole Dancing Classes

Pole dancing falls into a several different categories including: fitness exercise, dance fitness, sports (competition) and performance art. The International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA) suggests that contemporary western pole dancing has evolved in the last decade to become a mainstream fitness activity. In addition, it is practiced by a large cross section of the population including gym enthusiasts, performance artists, dancers and athletes of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. As a result, there are dedicated dance studios offering pole dancing classes in most major cities in the United States. Subsequently, this fitness trend has traveled across the globe too.

Greek Pole Dance Championship 2015

Artemis Anagnostou  Champion Professional Division

Pole dance enthusiasts purchase portable poles or have a pole installed in their houses. This is so they can practice at home and improve their fitness, flexibility and strength. None-the-less, pole dancing classes are still booming at dedicated pole dance studios and gyms since the trend started in the mid-two thousands.

World Pole Dance Championships, Beijing China, 2015

Pole dance by Polina Volchek, Russia, 2015

Here is Iningard Mayer’s quote in MindBodyGreen.com regarding the skimpy clothing normally worn for pole dancing classes: “But in order to perform more advanced moves, we must have the proper amount of skin exposure. Subsequently, most pole dancers do not have an issue with this at all, since our focus turns away from what our bodies look like and onto what they can do.”

Film “Why I Dance”

(Why I Dance original soundtrack benefits California Women’s Law Center)

In this film, several pole dancers share why they love pole dancing and how they feel empowered by their experience. In addition, organizers of the film say they wanted to, “help women reclaim their bodies, sexual power and freedom.”

Pole Dance Magazines:

  • Pole Spin Magazine
  • Vertical Art And Fitness Magazine
  • Pole 2 Pole Dance & Fitness Magazine

Pole dance fitness Anastasia Sokolova

(Photo of pole dancer, Anastasia Sokolova)

Pole dancing at sunset

(Photo from Best World Pole Dance Moments Part 2)

Best World Pole Dance Moments, Part 2

Best World Pole Dance Moments, Part 2

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