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Salsa Victor ManuelleSalsa Dance Music is 15 Top Salsa Dance Songs selected by DanceTime for salsa dancing, chosen for having great salsa rhythms and ideal tempos from medium to fast for all salsa dancers. Latin artists include Grupo Niche, Victor Manuelle, Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan, El Gran Combo, Tito Puente and more plus some great dance videos!  

Listen to Salsa Dance Music - 15 Top Salsa Songs



 International Flashmob West Coast Swing International Flashmob West Coast Swing 2015 is introduced and taught on this clip by the founders Olivier & Virginie Massart plus we include a few of the West Coast swing flashmobs from 2014, which were filmed different countries in beautiful places. The 2015 date to dance and film the flashmob routine around the world is Saturday, September 5, 2015!

 International Flashmob West Coast Swing 2015!



 Bachata Urbana SensualBachata has evolved and fused into many different styles including urbana, traditional, moderna, bachatango, bachata-zouk and other forms. It is one of the most popular dances in the world with its incredible Caribbean style rhythms and Afro-Latin influences. In this blog, we include an artistic Argentine tango, a bachata-zouk and a belly dance from the Mediterranean Delight Belly Dance Festival 2014. 

Urbana, Tango, Bachata-Zouk & Belly Dance 

Kizomba Dancing Goes Viral should be in the headlines for culture, arts & entertainment news. The kizomba dance and the Afro-Lain music is exploding in the Latin dance clubs, festivals and competitions worldwide. It has been popular in Europe for five years but has recently skyrocketed in popularity in the United States. Many dancers are asking what is the kizomba?

Watch/read Kizomba Dancing Goes Viral!



Top 25 First Dance Wedding Songs Ed Sheeran 25 First Dance Wedding Songs includes old classics like Stand By Me by Ben E. King and At Last by Etta James, beautiful waltzes like A Thousand Years by Christina Perri and Caribbean Blue by Enya and contemporary favorites like Everything by Michael Buble, I'm Yours by Jason Mraz and all time favorites like Time Of Our Life by Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes plus many more fantastic first dance wedding songs!

Watch/listen to Top 25 First Dance Wedding Song


Wedding Dance FailsWedding dance fails on YouTube is not where brides and grooms want to see their wedding dance clips. We include wedding first dance, father/daughter, mother/son dance, members of the wedding party and the reception guests dance fails. DanceTime has curated the best wedding dance fails from the web with some tips on how to not make this list!

Watch our complete Wedding Dance Fails here!



Wedding Dance stylesWedding dance styles include waltz, slow dance, foxtrot, rumba, nightclub two step, salsa and mashups. We have curated some of the best of web of different types of wedding dances on this video blog. Summer is wedding season many new brides and grooms, mother, fathers and best friends thinking about dancing at their loved one's weddings. 

Watch Different types of wedding dance styles

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Wedding dance lessons are wildly popular in summer when so many people are preparing for their wedding day first dance, father-daughter, mother-son wedding dance or just dancing at friends wedding receptions. This wedding dance lessons San Diego blog includes answers to many questions about wedding dance lessons, wedding dance videos, links to dance styles and more!

Watch/read at Wedding Dance Lessons in San Diego




Bachata Fusion dance

Bachata-Zouk, Zouk-Kizomba & Bachatango fusion dances have swept across the globe. The world is smaller with the social media like YouTube, Google and Facebook and dances influence each other. Dances also evolve as they travel to different regions of the world fusing with other regional forms of dance to create interesting fusion dance forms.

Watch fusions dance including bachata-zouk, zouk-kizomba and bachatango.

U.S. Ballroom Rhythm champions emmanuel pierre antoine & liana churilova

Ballroom dancing & dancesport have been popular in the U.S., partly due to ABC's Dancing with the Stars, Fox's So You Think You Can Dance and PBS's America's Ballroom Challenge. The current United States Professional American ballroom, rhythm dance champions are Emmanuel Pierre Antoine and Liana Churilova. Click for ballroom dancing and ballroom dance lessons in San Diego here?

Watch the U.S. Professional Ballroom Dance (Rhythm) Champions here! 

Kizomba, tango, bachata & WCS Bachata, tango, kizomba & West Coast Swing are included in this video blog including a kizomba in Bologna, Italy with Puma & Yilian; Albir & Sara dancing a Kizomba Fusion at the Byron Latin Fiesta, Byron Bay, Australia; a bachata in Miami, Florida with Chilean champions: Gabriel & Eva at the World Latin Dance Cup, a tango in Porto, Portugal@7th Tango Festival and a West Coast swing with some Zouk by Brazilian swing & zouk dancers!

Watch kizomba, tango, bachata & West Coast swing!


Salsa, BJazz, Hustle, Bachata Yamulee Dance CompanySalsa dancing by Salsamania, a premier salsa dance company from the SF bay area & Yamulee Dance Company (New York), jazz with Ignite The Dark dance company, World Latin Dance Cup Bachata 2011 with Alfred Pena & Aleksandra Kozlowska and the New Style hustle are featured here in these amazing dance performances!

Click picture or Salsa, Jazz, Bachata & New Style hustle dance here!


Bachata, Tango & Kizomba Turkish Bachata championsTango, bachata & kizomba dancing at the Esquina Carlos Gardel restaurant/tango show located on the corner where the singer performed. Also, check out Cem & Melisa, Turkish Bachata stars from Istanbul and two kizomba's; Stockholm, Sweden and the other by Italian producer, Andre Mancini with dancers in a beautiful scene on the waterfront.

Watch/read more about Argentine tango, bachata and kizomba here!


 Belly Dancer, zumba routine, solo salsa and flamencoZumba, flamenco, solo salsa and belly dance are included in this video blog. Check out zumba to "Crazy Love,"by Mara ft. Beto Perez's zumba routine, a beautiful flamenceo with Celina Zambon, a solo salsa by Alien Ramirez at L.A.'s Top Female Solo Salsa Competition and a flowing bellydance routine by Nataly Hay to "Serena's Step" by Hossam Ramzy.

Watch all of these belly dance, flamenco, zumba and solo salsa routines here!


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