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Pattie Wells’ DanceTime is a world renowned dance resource website featuring articles on all dance styles, types¬†and genres from around the world including all the categories for social dancing: club Latin dancing like salsa, bachata, International Latin & Standard, American style rhythm and smooth, classic ballroom dance, Afro-dance like kizomba, Brazilian samba, zouk plus Argentine tango, club dances like West Coast & East Coast swing dance, hustle and nightclub 2-step, country western dance styles like two step, waltz, swing, cha cha and more.

Our goal is to feature dance articles, blogs and information on all dance styles including: belly dance, pole dance, aerobic dance, Zumba, line dancing, Irish step, dubstep, hip hop, ballet, jazz, clogging, modern dance and wedding dance styles.

We feature clips of dance videos from around the world in three categories; dance performances, dance technique lessons and step pattern review lessons plus the Dance Talk blog, dance store to shop for dance shoes, dresses, costumes, books plus information on dance competitions, conventions and travel trips and cruises for dancers.

DanceTime’s headquarters are in America’s finest city, San Diego, California, U.S.A and include San Diego dance resources featuring local dance studios, dance lessons, classes and instructors, social dance venues, wedding dance information, a weekly San Diego dancing calendar, a West Coast Swing weekly calendar and local dance news.

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Ballroom Beach Bash

The Ballroom Beach Bash is an annual ballroom dance competition held in San Diego, California at the Hilton Resort and Spa at Mission Bay.

  • Hustle, salsa, bachata & jazz dance performances including Yamulee

Hustle, Salsa, Bachata & Jazz Dance Performances

New style Hustle, salsa performance team, world champion bachata dancers & a jazz dance company performance curated by DanceTime.

  • Riverdance Irish music dance group

Riverdance Irish Music Dance Group & Other Stepdance Performances

Riverdance Irish music dance performance group plus other Irish stepdance groups including Hammerstep and Innova Irish dance companies.

  • Mardi Gras Dance & Carnival Masks

Carnival And Mardi Gras Dance

Mardi Gras dance and carnival celebrations occur worldwide as celebrations before the Christian liturgical season of Lent. Generally, this Pre-Lent period occurs in February or March. These celebrations include parades, costumes, food, masks and huge public parties.

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