In this video blog (Vlog), we feature four dance video clips of West Coast swing dancing by some of the best dancers in the world. We selected West Coast Swing champion dancers that have been dancing for decades and have placed among the top five in competitions worldwide. In this Vlog, we featured Gary McIntyre & Susan Kirklin, Benji Schwimmer & Nicole Clonch, Diego Borges & Jessica Pacheco and Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollmann. In addition, we varied the categories include different divisions including classic, showcase and performance dance routines.

Dance Video Clips of West Coast Swing: The Open

Our first pick was Gary McIntyre and Susan Kirklin’s classic division routine performance at the The Open Swing Dance Championships where they got a 1st place. These two dancers are always in the top five at every competition they enter.

The Open Swing Dance Championships 2017

Gary McIntyre & Susan Kirklin

Next, we selected Benji Schwimmer and Nicole Clonch for their showcase first place winning performance at the The Open Swing Dance Championship. This is their third performance at The Open and a stunning example of precision and beauty.

The Open Swing Dance Championships 2017

Benji Schwimmer & Nicole Clonch

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Also, we included one of our favorite West Coast swing dance couples, Brazilian champions, Diego Borges and Jessica Pacheco. Their routine performances often include a fusion of West Coast swing and Zouk adding a unique style to their dancing.

The Open Swing Dance Championships 2017

Diego Borges & Jessica Pacheco

Last but not least, we include a performance by a famous classic dance partnership, Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollmann at the OZ & Zouk competition in Australia.

Dance Video Clips of West Coast Swing at OZ

OZ West Coast Swing & Zouk (Australia)

Jordan Frisbee & Tatian Mollmann

In these dance video clips of West Coast swing, there are dozens of great West Coast swing dancers that compete at conventions almost every weekend during the year. However, the dancers here were chosen for these particular dance performances. Additionally, some of the partnerships have been together for years and other are fairly new partnerships. In any case, all are outstanding dancers, performers and choreographers. In addition, several of these featured dance video clips take place at the premier swing dance convention, The Open Swing Dance Championships held annually in Burbank, California during the Thanksgiving holiday. Moreover, swing dancers from all over the world participate in this prestigious West Coast swing competition.

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