In this article, we include some of the best Halloween songs and Halloween dance clips. For example, some of the greatest all time Halloween songs like the Monster Mash and Ghostbusters plus Michael Jackson’s Thriller are included in our songs selections at the bottom of this page!

In addition, most cities have Halloween parades, haunted houses and outdoor festivals. In addition, the entertainment industry’s Halloween mania is evident in all the spooky Halloween movies, videos and a burgeoning number of Halloween songs.

Halloween Dance Video Clips (Halloween Songs)

Thriller Dance Choreography (Official) Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s Thriller is one of the greatest all-time dance songs. Additionally, it is great for both solo dancing and partner dancing genres. For example, it has a great rhythm and tempo for both West Coast swing and hustle dancing. Also, it is a favorite for a group dance for weddings or as part of a mash-up for the bride’s and groom’s first wedding dance. Lastly, this is the perfect song for Halloween dance parties, events and celebrations.

The Monster Mash

Actually, this is one of my favorite Halloween dance songs with a perfect triple East Coast swing rhythm but also a slow foxtrot! In addition, it is a really cute choreographed solo or group routine for one of the all-time best known  Halloween songs, The Monster Mash!

Also, it is a fantastic dance song for a super fun group flash mob!

Ghost Busters

Ghost Busters is often the first song we think of when trying to find Halloween songs. Additionally, it  has an incredible rhythm and tempo for dancing. For example, it is a great fit for either East or West Coast swing dancing! Lastly, this song should definitely be included on Halloween dance party playlists.

Pumpkin Dance To Ghostbusters

This is dance video went viral on YouTube with a guy wearing a pumpkin over his head and dancing to Ghost Busters.

The Skeleton Dance (Disney)

In this rare find old film, at about 2:36 minutes there is a great skeleton dance. This song has the perfect rhythm for dancing a quickstep.

Is  It Scary Wild Child Studios

Is It Scary by Michael Jackson  works great in this performance by Wild Child Acting and Dance Studios dancers choreographed by Nick Stein (Australia). Michael Jackson’s Thriller album is at the top of the list of all-time best Halloween dance songs.

Creepy Clowns Halloween Project by YG Lovers Crew

At about :58 seconds this cool dance to Creepy Clowns by the YG Lovers Crew (Vietnam)  is their Halloween Project. A super cool choregraphed dance piece!

Fame Halloween Dance

This scene from the dance movie, Fame, shows group Halloween dance performance to the song You’ll Find A Way by Santigold!

Just Dance Kids Halloween Dancing

This Halloween dance routine was choreographed to the old classic song, Banana Boat Song (Day O) from 1956. In addition, the rhythm and tempo are perfect for the ballroom dance, rumba. Ballroom dance studios sometimes include this great song for rumba dancing.

Halloween Dance Couple

Halloween Songs for Dancing!

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History of Halloween

Halloween originated from the Celtic festival, Samhain.  The Celts, who lived 2,000+ years ago in an area around Ireland, parts of northern France and the United Kingdom celebrated the New Year on November 1st.  Moreover, the night before they celebrated Samhain, which included huge bonfires and dressing in costumes to ward off ghosts of the dead.

In the eighth century, November 1st was chosen to honor all saints incorporating some of the ancient Celtic traditions of Samhain. Furthermore, the night before All Saints Day was All Hallows Eve eventually becoming Halloween.

In the early twentieth century, Halloween celebrations shifted from bonfires to parties with games, food and costumes. During the twenty first century, Halloween became America’s second largest commercial holiday. In recent years, Halloween has become a huge holiday not just for kids but grown ups too! For instance, many work place now encourage wearing costumes to work and there are lots of Halloween parties. Also, there are adult Halloween dance parties at most social dance studios.

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