International Flashmob West Coast Swing

The International Flashmob West Coast Swing event is an annual event that takes place early in September created by Olivier & Virginie Massart. Moreover, hundreds of cities and dozens of countries around the world participate in this dance event. Furthermore, a new West Coast swing routine is choreographed by Olivier & Virginie every year. Meanwhile, you can check out the event at their Facebook page at Official International Flashmob WCS.

In addition, check out links to International Flashmob West Coast swing routines from years past below!

International Flashmob West Coast Swing 2017

Honolulu, Hawaii

International Flashmob West Coast Swing 2017

Strasbourg, France

In front of the Strasbourg Cathedral

Klagenfurt, Austria

IFWCS 2017 @ Ebenthal Castle

Moscow, Russia

International West Coast Swing 2017 (unofficial)

International Flashmob WCS 2017, In front of ruins

Washington, D.C, United States

Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool, 2017

Brasilia, Brazil

International Flashmob West Coast Swing 2017

Munich, Germany

IFWCS 2017@ Stachus Passage

San Diego, California, United States

International Flashmob West Coast Swing @ Balboa Park

San Diego’s International Flashmob West Coast Swing performs in front of the historic buildings in the Prado at Balboa Park. In addtion, thanks to all that taught the IFWCS 2017 routine, the dance studios & clubs for the space, the music man, videographers and all the San Diego Westies that participated this year!

International Flashmob West Coast Swing, 2016

Cities, Countries Around the World

IFWCS Past Years & Additional WCS Info

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