The most popular dances in Latin Clubs include the salsa, bachata and merengue. However, Latin dance club playlists may also include some cha cha, samba, cumbia and rumba style music. In this article, we focus on the current three most popular dances in Latin clubs.


Latin dancing developed in the early to mid-twentieth century with the rumba, cha cha, mambo, merengue and samba crazes. Moreover, the Latin dance genres have been popular ever since among ballroom dancers.  Eventually, Latin dancing spread around the globe. In addition, African rhythms strongly influenced most of the Latin dance genres. Subsequently, many different types of Latin and Afro-Latin dance styles evolved including the bolero, bachata, zouk, lambada and kizomba.


Popular Dances in Latin Clubs

Salsa Dancing

In the 1980’s, salsa dancing developed from older Latin dance styles like cha cha, samba and mambo. Moreover, it continues to be popular in present day dance clubs. The salsa is similar to its parent dance style, mambo. However, mambo is more staccato and breaks on count two. Lastly, the more recent forms of salsa also break on the two county, whereas the original incorporated the break on count one.

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Bachata Dancing

The bachata dancing developed in the 1950’s in the Dominican Republic but became widely popular later in the early 21st century. There are many different styles of bachata including: classic, Domimican, traditional, moderna, Italian, urban and sensual bachata. It is rapidly approaching the salsa in popularity. Currently, Latin dance clubs always include the bachata on their playlists along with salsa and merengue.

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Merengue Dancing

The merengue dance genre is the Domincan Republic’s national dance. Moreover, the merengue is an older Latin dance genre that developed in the late 1800’s. Ballroom dance studios and teachers always include the merengue in their Latin dance programs along with rumba, bolero, cha cha and samba.


However, merengue dancing became a popular Latin club style dance in the 1970’s along with the rising popularity of the salsa. Additionally, some have described the music as Latin disco music for its constant pulsing beat. It is essentially a walking dance using Cuban hip motion and the easiest of the Latin club dance styles.

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