Riverdance Irish music dance company performances introduced Irish dance to audiences world wide. Moreover, they starting back in the mid-1990’s and have continued thrilling audiences off and on every since.  In this article, we include video clips of some of their best dance performances. Additionally, we have included some other Irish step dance performance groups. Furthermore, Riverdance Irish music dance performances have been the most popular of all the Irish dance groups.

The Irish Stepdance phenomena has expanded to include the Irish musical, Lord of the Dance, produced by Michael Flatley plus other Irish stepdance shows. In addition, Irish dance has evolved over the years to incorporate a fusion of different cultures and trends. Apparently, it was highly influenced by the Norman’s settling in Ireland in the middle ages. Consequently, Irish step dance has endured into the 21st century.

Riverdance Irish music dance performances

(Photo from Riverdance performance on YouTube)

Irish Stepdance is a form of Irish dance that can be done either solo or in groups. Moreover, it was greatly popularized by the show from the 1990’s called Riverdance. Generally, the upper body and arms stay still while the feet and legs do intricate movements.

Riverdance Irish Music Dance Performance “Heartland” 2014

Riverdance Heartland 2014

Irish step dance has early roots may have gone back before Christianity in Ireland. However, there is clear evidence of it in the late 1800’s. In addition, Irish step dance was codified by the Gaelic Dancing Commission, established in 1929.

Innova Irish Dance Company on Britain’s Got Talent

Traditional forms of Irish step dance always keep the arms still by one’s side. However, there are fusion forms of Irish stepdance that incorporate more arms movements. Additionally, other forms of Irish Stepdance include reels, jigs and numerous other styles of dance. The styles of Irish Stepdance vary in the different regions in Ireland.

Hammerstep – Irish Dance meets Hip Hop America’s Got Talent 2013

The dancing includes movements like trebles, stamps, clicking and other complex footwork. Also, elaborate costumes covered in ;ace, sequins and crystals are worn at Irish stepdance competitions.  Moreover, there are three categories of Irish dance including social dance, sean-nos dancing and step dancing.

Feet of Flames Planet Ireland

Riverdance Irish Music Dance Performance in Dublin 2010

Riverdance performs on All Ireland Talent Show 2010

Lord of Dance – Michael Flatley


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