In this article we feature New Style hustle, salsa, bachata & jazz dance performances by world famous champions.

Hustle, Salsa, Bachata  & Jazz Dance Performances presents a distilled dance series featuring a collection of diverse dance styles. Therefore, we include a sizzling jazz performance with the Ignite The Dark jazz company, Salsamania Salsa Team performance at the  Latin Dance Cup in 2011, and a New Style Hustle in New York City. In addition, we featured an awesome bachata performance by the 1st place winners at the World Latin Dance Cup in 2011.

Furthermore, all of these pieces are a form of the moving arts where the dance form is choreographed to the music. Also, the dancers dance with an emphasis on audience appeal. Meanwhile, these hustle, salsa, bachata & jazz dance performances are some of the best dance routines in the world!

SalsaMania Latin Dance Team 

World Latin Dance Cup 2011, Salsamania’s 1st place performance

Salsamania is a salsa dance team from the Bay area. Accordingly, they won 1st place in the team division at the World Latin Dance Cup in 2011. Also, the song they danced to was ” Flauta y trombone” by Chino Espinoza. In addition, some of the dance teams they competed  against were world class teams including Alma Latina Mexico (2nd place), Alma Latina USA (3rd place), Stilo Dance Company (4th place) and Amicitia (5th place).  Watch more salsa dance performances here!

Yamulee Dance Company (New York)

Yamulee at the Show 2 Salsafestival Switzerland 2010

Ignite The Dark Jazz Dance Company

“Off To The Races” choreographed by Alfie Scalia by Ignite The Dark

Ignite the Dancer is a Jazz Dance Theater company founded in 2010 by Artistic directors Alfie Scalia and Daniel Ryan.  Additionally, every Ignite the Dark performance starts from the written word from which the performance is designed. Also, they believe that “dance is a powerful storytelling device” that appeals to a diverse audience.  Read more about  them at their website, Ignite the Dark Company.

Yamulee Dance Company 2014

Yamulee @ Las Chicas Locas (NYC) 2014

New Style Hustle 

Jeff & Nicole Hustle Coney Island NEW STYLE HUSTLE NYC | YAK FILMS

New Style Hustle is a movement of dancers that are bringing back the 1970’s Hustle dance with new energy, music and moves. Moreover, there has been new interest in the hustle around the globe including places like Tokyo, Japan and in Eastern Europe and of course, the United States.

World Latin Dance Cup 2012 – Bachata

Alfred Pena & Aleksandra Kozlowska – USA – WLD Cup 2012

Bachata is one of  the sensual Latin dance genres. Consequently,  Latin dance club include it on their playlists along with salsa and merengue. Additionally, competitors from around the world travel to many different countries to enter bachata competitions. Lastly, check out this incredible bachata dance performance with Cristian Oviedo and Alien Ramirez  at the World Latin Dance Cup in 2011 where they won 1st place.

Watch more bachata dance performances here!