Tango Kizomba Bachata dance performances by champion dancers from all over the world. The dances in these video clips are some of the most popular dances. Historically, the tango has been a popular dance since its origin in the late 19th century. In recent history, the kizomba and bachata became favorites in the Afro-Latin dance venues.  Also, the dance world is much smaller these days due to online dance resources  like YouTube.

tango kizomba bachata dance by dancers

(Photo of Bachata dancers, ABDA 2013, YouTube)

The Esquina Carlos Gardel (Carlos Gardel Corner) is a dinner Tango show restaurant with orchestra & stage. Apparently, it is rumored to be located on the exact corner where Carlos Gardel, used to sing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Apparently, Carlos Gardel’s birthplace and date are shrouded in mystery. Historians believe it is either Tacuarembo, Uruguay on December 11th, 1887 or in Toulouse, France on December 11th, 1890.

Facundo Gallo & Magdalena Valdez, Tango Show at Esquina Carlos Gardel

Carlos Gardel sang as a child wishing to eventually perform popular songs. However, Gardel’s, path changed after a poet and a musician composed a piece titled, Mi noche triste.  He later recorded it and became the first singer to perform a tango cancion. Afterward, he went on to appear in many films collaborating with his friend, Alfredo Le Pera. Subsequently, Gardel lives on through his music. Unfortunately, his life was cut short by a fatal accident on June 24th, 1935.

A Kizomba Dance Performance

Produced by Andre Mancini YouTube Channel (Italy)

Pakito & Elisa dance Kizomba

The kizomba has skyrocketed in popularity in the last decade, particularly, in Latin & Caribbean dance venues. Historically, it originated from a a West African dance calle semba. However, it has evolved incorporating moves from other dance genres.  Meanwhile, many purists believe that most contemporary kizomba is actually a fusion dance of other dance styles.

A Bachata Dance Performance

The Aytunc Benturk Dance Academy presents Turkish Bachata stars

Cem Demir & Melisa Sahra Katilmis, Bachata, ABDA, 2013

Apparently, the bachata has been challenging the popular salsa dance genre in Latin dance clubs. Largely, this is because of the sensual Caribbean style music used for the bachata.

Kizomba (Improvised), Stockholm, by Kristofer Mencák & Teresa Jimenez.

The tango, kizomba and bachata have influenced each other adopting characteristics of the other dances. And as dance genres travel around the world they evolve from their original form.

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