Emmanuel Pierre Antoine & Liana Churilova

(Photo of U.S. Professional Rhythm Champions Emmanuel  Pierre Antoine & Liana Churilova)

United States Professional Rhythm Dance Champions

Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine, is a professional American ballroom dancer born in Haiti. In addition, he is an actor who currently resides in New York City. Also, he is a top ranked dancer in the Professional American Rhythm division with his partner Liana Churilova. Moreover, while in Haiti, he studied ballet, jazz, Haitian folk dances, modern dance and ballroom.

Emmanuel Pierre Antoine & Liana Churilova

Philippine American Ballroom Dancing Inc. 2nd Annual Gala 2014

(Emmanuel Pierre Antoine & Liana Churilova, bolero)

While still in Haiti, he opened and ran Caminito, a premier dance studio. Moreover, he represented Haiti in competitions around the world. In 2003, he moved to the United States, after closing his studio, to pursue his career as a competitive dancer.  Also, he had roles as an actor in two Haitian films, “La Peur d’Aimer” (2000) and “I Love You Anne” (2003). In addition, he competes in the Pro/Am division with his dance students in several categories including International Latin & International Ballroom (Standard) and American Smooth and American Rhythm.

Philippine American Ballroom Dancing Inc. 2nd Annual Gala 2014

(Emmanuel & Liana perform the Samba & Mambo, 2014)
Liana Churilova was born in Perm, Russia where she  started dancing at the age of 6 years old. Afterward, she moved to Saint-Petersburg, Russia at the age of eleven. Later, at the age of seventeen, she moved to the United States and became the professional dance partner to Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine.

Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine & Liana Churilova, Ohio Star Ball, 2009

(Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine & Liana Churilova, Cha Cha)

Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine and Liana Churilova became the United States National Professional Ballroom – Rhythm Champions in 2013, according to the National Dance Council of American (NDCA).

Emmanuel & Liana @ United States Dance Championships, 2014

(Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine & Liana Churilova, Bolero)

Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine and Liana Churilova travel to ballroom Dancesport competitions worldwide. They represent the United States in the American-style Professional Rhythm division. Additionally, they have won titles in mambo, salsa and ballroom in dance competitions, festivals and conventions and perform across the globe.

Emmanuel & Liana @ Dancing with the Stars

Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine & Liana Churilova, Haiti Tribute 2012

They performed, by special invitation, at the Kremlin in Moscow; an honor for Liana who is originally from Russia. Also, their television show appearances include PBS’s America’s Ballroom Challenge and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.


Milennium Dancesport Championships 2016 – Final Bow

Emmanuel & Liana – World Rhythm Champions Final Bow Retirement

Emmanuel Pierre Antoine & Liana Churilova United States Professional Rhythm Champions 2013-2014

American Ballroom – Professional Rhythm

The American Ballroom, Professional Rhythm division, includes these dance genres: cha cha, rumba, bolero, mambo and East Coast swing. Here are a few dance organizations with additional information on dancesport and dance competitions.

Emmanuel Pierre Antoine & Liana Churilova U.S. Professional Rhythm Champions 2014


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