Dance Lessons San Diego  is a comprehensive resource guide for the newcomer to dance to find dance lessons in San Diego California. In addition, it covers the most common questions people ask before starting dance lessons. I include my info on dance lessons here followed by 100 places that offer San Diego dance lessons.

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Types of Dance Lessons in San Diego, California

In this article, we focus on places to take different types of dance lessons in San Diego, California. In addition, we only include places with websites and provide links to these establishments.  Also, most of the places offer group dance classes and individual dance lessons, for instance, private dance lesson instruction with one professional dance instructor. Also, there are many different venues for dance lessons in San Diego including nightclubs, dance studios, dance centers lodges, dance halls and other types of venues.

Complete Guide to Dance Lessons San Diego

Aerial Silks (Arts) Dance Lessons San Diego

Argentine Tango Dance Lessons

Belly Dance Lessons San Diego

Capoeira Dance Lessons San Diego

Capoeira is a Brazilian form of dance with African roots that uses martial arts movements including kicks and chops.

Children’s Dance Lessons in San Diego

Classic Styles Dance Lessons San Diego

In this classic styles section, we include ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary and modern. Also, many of these dance studios include hip hop, fitness, gymnastics, acrobatics and other forms of movement. Furthermore, many  studios offer dance lessons for kids in San Diego as well.

Folk Dance Lessons San Diego

Hip Hop Dance Lessons San Diego

International Dance Lessons & Classes

Irish Dance Lessons San Diego

Lindy Hop & Balboa Dance Lesson San Diego

Lodges for Dance Lessons San Diego

Partner Dance Lessons San Diego

Partner dancing includes social dancing and dancesport. In addition, dance styles include ballroom, swing, tango, salsa, club Latin, country western, West Coast swing and other dance genres.

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Dance Companies in San Diego

Pole Dance Lessons  San Diego

Wedding Dance Lessons San Diego

Wedding dance lessons are private lessons with a professional wedding dance instructor. In addition, lessons may cover the father-daughter dance, mother-son dance and the bride and groom’s first wedding dance. Also, family members come in to learn how to dance at the wedding. Additionally, some couples include a wedding party dance. Popular dance styles include waltz, slow dance, foxtrot, swing, nightclub two step and other dance genres. Additionally, some couples choose to do a mash up with several different types of dance styles for their choreographed first dance routine.

Zumba Dance Fitness Lessons in San Diego

Zydeco & Cajun Dance Lessons San Diego

Getting started with dance lessons?

It is a good idea to think about which type of dance you want to learn, e.g. swing, tango, salsa or ballroom? We include what to look for when choosing a dance studio and/or a dance instructor. Also, we also cover the differences between group dance classes and private dance lessons?

  • Type of Dance: Give some thought to the types of dance genres/styles you are interested in learning, e.g. ballroom, swing, salsa or tango.
  • Time: Determine how much time you are willing to put into the process of learning. The more time you put into lessons, practice, etc. the faster you learn. Also, after you have learned a minimum of movements and feel comfortable, you might add practice dance parties.
  • Location: Contact several dance studios by email/phone to ask a questions. Check out their website and ratings on Google. Also, visit the dance studio to see if it looks like a comfortable environment for you to take your lessons.
  • List of 14 Major San Diego Partner Dance Studios

Popular partner dances styles for lessons?

Dance Genre: There are a few dance genres/styles that have been popular for a long time.  Other dance genres seem to come and go throughout the history of dance. In recent years, several  types of dance seem to attract more people.

  • Swing dances (West Coast swing, Lindy hop, East Coast swing)
  • Club Latin dances (salsa, bachata, merengue).
  • Ballroom dance: It is useful to learn the classic ballroom dance genres since they come in handy for weddings, cruises, company parties and are a good foundation for all of the dances, they include: waltz, foxtrot, rumba, cha cha and swing.
  • Tango (American or Argentine tango): It is better to start tango after learning some basics in the dance styles above.
  • West Coast Swing: This swing is more specialized and better for more accomplished dancers.

Students taking dance lessons

Difference between group & private dance lessons?

  • A combination of both private dance lessons and group dance classes is best. I recommend you start with private dance lessons to work get the foundation for the dances and to learn about lead/follow techniques and dance connection.
  • Group Classes: After a few lessons or even a month later start a class to practice what you are learning and to get some tips on technique and learn a few new patterns.
  • Practice Dance Parties: Also, attending practice dance parties is a good idea to practice new patterns and techniques (if available).
  • Dance Video Review: In addition, viewing some dance video clips to review patterns and techniques is a great idea (see review Dance Pattern Videos)!

(A Salsa Basic Step Dance Lesson Review Video)

  • Social Dance Venue: Finally, when you feel you have a good connection, lead/follow, adequate number of patterns for the person doing the lead part, then it is time to try your dancing at a nightclub or specific dance venue, e.g. swing dance venues around town, see more social dance venues below!

Ready to start dance lessons in San Diego?

San Diego, California is a hub for all forms of dancing. Moreover, newcomers to dance can find lessons for social dancing, dancesport, ballet, jazz, hip hop, pole dancing, folk dance, dance fitness, belly dance, wedding dance, country western, modern, aerial silks and other forms of dance. Also, America’s finest city is home to many different types of dance lessons. For example, people wanting to learn to dance will find private dance lessons, individual dance lessons, group dance classes, workshops, nightclub dance lessons and other opportunities to learn dance in San Diego.

Hopefully, the list above will help inform your search for dance lessons in San Diego.  If you are interested in information about my dance lessons, here is some information.

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