Joel Plys began his swing dance career in the summer of 1998 on a date in Chicago. He learned very quickly from countless workshops and non-stop dancing and brought his skills to Cleveland, OH.

Joel taught swing full-time out in Cleveland, OH for 4 years (1999-2002) and started Get Hep Swing, LTD. He co-created the very first All Balboa Weekend with Valerie Salstrom (June 2001). He moved to San Diego in 2002, started 2PlySwing Productions and taught all over the world with Alison Scola. Joel continues to travel the globe sharing his love of Swing dancing teaching with many amazing partners.

Joel has a high quality, energetic approach to the dance that makes every lesson with him and any partner a blast! As a regular teacher at major events all over the world, his down to earth, enthusiastic attitude is contagious. He has taught all over the US (33 states and counting) as well as Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, New Caledonia, Scotland and Sweden. In 2011, Joel was inducted into the Camp Hollywood Hall of Fame.

He has a full knowledge of various styles from years of study that he shares in his instruction of Balboa, Lindy, Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Jazz Movement, and Pre-Swing dances (Texas Tommy, One Step, etc)

To ‘preserve’ a dance, you must understand the technique and characteristic fundamentals of that dance. For a dance to ‘evolve’, you must be open to everyone adding creative elements to that dance. Joel encourages students to study and be open to “differences” so that they can make the dance their own.

He embodies these qualities in his instruction and dancing while remembering the true reason we dance – for FUN!

Besides teaching all over the world, Joel also has a passion for organizing amazing dance events, including: * Swing Camp OZ (held each January in Australia) * Balboa Rendezvous (held each April in San Diego) * Catalina Swing Dance Festival (held each November on Catalina Island)

Joel is a big supporter of communities and promoters working together to help each scene prosper and grow. After 10 years of running weekend workshops, he knows what it takes on all sides for a successful event.

Joel has a unique employment history, and draws on these skills to provide exceptional instruction & events: * Traveling educator for Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity – 1993 * Business process consultant for Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) – 1994 to 1999 * Part-time COMPUSA computer class instruction – 2001 to 2003 * Part-time Barnes Tennis Center summer camp instruction for kids – 2003 to 2005