Jose Bello

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10002Jose Bello has taught Salsa and Merengue dance lessons throughout San Diego county including at the Cafe Sevilla. He hails from Colombia which gives his Salsa dance lessons a special flair from the Colombian style of Salsa. Jose has been teaching Salsa and Merengue dance lessons at Pattie Wells’ Dancetime Center in San Diego for over five years. He is one of San Diego’s most renowned Salsa dance instructors. His dance lessons include instruction in understanding the timing and rhythms of Salsa. His dance lessons meticulously break down the elements of Salsa for his dance students including the directional breaking action of the rock steps, the single rhythm step and circular, as well as linear pattern actions. He is highly regarded in the San Diego dancing scene as both a dancer and dance instructor. Jose has recently earned a Masters degree in Education and finished his teaching credentials. He bring his mastery of teaching and dancing to the Pattie Wells’ Dancetime Center. He is also available for private dance lessons, dance classes, wedding dance lessons and semi-private dance lessons.

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