Yvonne Bello

Yvonne Bello2016-12-19T06:04:30+00:00

10003Yvonne Bello has taught Argentine tango dance lessons in San Diego at the Pattie Wells’ Dancetime Center for over five years and taught as an assistant tango dance teacher with Lowell Gosser for several years as well. She has trained with many Argentine tango masters and performed numerous tango routines in her tenure at the Dancetime Center. Several years ago Yvonne partnered with Mark Pablo, another Argentine tango dance instructor at Pattie Wells’ Dancetime Center in San Diego. Yvonne brings her gentle, sophisticated style to her tango teaching. Tango students love to take tango class lessons with Yvonne because of her compassion, patience and elegant style of Argentine tango. Currently, Yvonne is teaching and performing Argentine tango with Mark Pablo at Pattie Wells’ Dancetime Center in San Diego.

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