Lindy Hop dance Tip

A Swing dance tip focusing on Lindy Hop at the Pattie Wells' Dancetime Center with Joel Plys and partner Jackie O'Neal. This swing dance tip is about creating stretch in your Lindy Hop for better connection and lead/following. This technique gives a smooth, consistent feeling for the Lindy Hop. Joel discusses and demonstrates the concetp of feeling the stretch in Lindy Hop using a thera-band.

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Don’t Drop A Quarter – stationary hand for lead and follow.

A dance tip with Joel Plys and Jackie O'Neal about keeping the connected hand stationary to help diminish the noise when leading and following in swing dancing including Lindy hop, jitterbug, West Coast swing, Collegiate shag, Carolina shag and Balboa.

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How To Listen And Understand Dance Music

How To Listen And Understand Dance Music is the first in a series Dance Tip Videos on listening and understanding dance music. Brandon Detty explains how to first listen to the beats, then how to distinguish the two beat increments called units and finally how to continue hearing the beats and establishing the timing of a song through additional layers of music. He uses several rhythms to demonstrate this technique including samba and cha cha. Future dance music lessons will be available on Dancetime's website in the Dance Resources section.

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