Mother son dance songs should be carefully chosen by mothers and their sons for the very special mother son dance at the wedding. In this article, we have compiled 50 great mother son dance songs along with all the best mother son wedding songs. Included are wedding songs video clips, links to lyrics and general mother-son-wedding dance information. Also, check out DanceTime’s article for  Types of Wedding Dance Styles. Many different types of dance genres work well for the songs listed here, check out the different types of dance types of dances here!

A List of Mother Son Dance Songs, Part I

A Song For My Son

Waltz (fast) Mikki Viereck

The mother son dance is a wedding tradition that consists of the mother and her son performing a dance at the wedding reception. It is customary to include it after the bride and groom’s wedding first dance and the father-daughter dance. On occasion, these dances are combined together, especially the father-daughter and mother-son wedding dances.

93 Million Miles

Foxtrot Jason Mraz

Choosing the right dance songs for all the dancing at weddings is important. Here are some additional wedding songs lists to choose great songs for some of the other special dance performances at the wedding reception:

A Mother’s Song

Nightclub Two Step T. Carter

The mother son wedding dance is a special part of the dancing at weddings, where the son honors his mother with a dance for her lifelong support and love.  And a ceremonial way for the son to pass from his first family to his bride and new family.


Randy Travis

The mother son wedding dance is important and can be challenging since there are a finite number of mother son dance songs that are dedicated to mother’s from their sons and that focus on the mother son relationship.

A Song For Mama

Nightclub Two Step Boyz II Men NC Two Step or Slow Dance

It is also important to choose the right dance genre for this very special dance at weddings. Many of the mother son dance songs contain rhythms from both contemporary and classic dance genres including nightclub two steps, slow dances, waltzes, swings or foxtrots.

All You Need Is Love


The various dance performances at wedding including the wedding first dance, father daughter dance and mother son dance generally follow some traditional conventions. Many brides and grooms opt  to make their dance enjoyable and still memorable.

Beautiful Boy

John Lennon Rumba

Choose a dance song in advance and at times, take some dance lessons to learn a routine to the song or at the very minimum learn to dance comfortably to the their chosen song.

Child of Mine

Carol King

It is wise to make the dance a comfortable length that is generally less than three minutes. It is a good idea to start thinking about this six months in advance of the wedding.

Do I Make You Proud

Taylor Hicks

The mother son dance at weddings is often short and sometimes the father daughter and mother son dances are done at the same time to one song, so that both the bride and groom can participate at the same time while reducing the number of dances done at the wedding.

Find Your Wings

Mark Harris

Generally, the dance numbers are short, between two and  three minutes with an entrance and finale included. However, some mothers and sons choose to spend a considerable time, money and energy and do something monumental spending months working on a mash-up routine with several different songs and dance genres. This is almost always done through dance lessons with a professional wedding dance instructor that specializes in the wedding dance routines.

Forever Young 

Rod Stewart

Choosing from the many mother son dance songs can be frustrating especially since many lists include songs for lovers, not appropriate for the mother son dance at weddings! We found 50 fabulous mother son dance songs, 25 are included here and the second half of the list is at: mother son wedding songs.

God Only Knows

Beach Boys

It is a good idea to also pick a dance genre like foxtrot, slow dance, nightclub two step, swing, waltz or other dance genres that the son and mother enjoy.

Godspeed (Sweet Dream)

Dixie Chicks

Consult on what type of dance genre is best for the various mother son wedding songs. We include the dance genres in our lists of mother son dance songs blog and in the second blog, “mother son wedding songs.”

He Gets That From Me

Reba McEntire

In the end, try to make the mother son wedding dance an enjoyable experience that does not add additional stress to the groom and bride who are most likely stressing out about their own, wedding first dance.

I Am Your Child

Barry Manilow

The mother son dance at weddings can be wonderful, memorable and be a special moment between a mother and her son at his special wedding day reception!

I Hope You Dance

LeeAnn Womack

I’ll Always Love My Mama


I’ll Be

Reba McEntire

I’ll Be There

Mac Miller

I’ll Stand By You

The Pretenders

I Turn To You

Christina Aguilar

In My Life


Kind & Generous

Natalie Merchant


Fleetwood Mac

Letter to My Mother

Edwin McCain

mother son dance songs

Mother Son Wedding Songs are written to honor the special relationship between a mother and son. The mother son wedding dance is an important part of the wedding day along with the father-daughter wedding dance and the wedding first dance for the bride and groom. These mother son wedding songs are the best dance songs chosen by a dance professional for their great rhythm and tempo. They include a lyric version in blue above the video and below each listing is the type of wedding dance style that best suits the song.

Loves Me Like A Rock

Paul Simon’s Loves Me Like A Rock
Recommend: Foxtrot

Choosing the right dance songs for all the dancing at weddings is important. Here are some additional wedding songs lists to choose great songs for some of the other special dance performances at the wedding reception:

Mama’s Song

Carrie Underwood’s Mama’s Song
Recommend: NightClub Two Step (C&W)

Make You Feel My Love

Adele’s Make You Feel My Love
Recommend: Slow Dance or Nightclub Two Step


Garth Brooks’ Mom 
Recommend: Slow Dance


Lucero’s Mom
Recommend: Nightclub Two Step or Slow Dance


Danzig’s Mother
Recommend: Swing or Foxtrot (Rock)

Mother Like Mine

The Band Perry’ Mother Like Me
Recommended style of dance: Nightclub Two Step (C&W)

My Wish

Rascal Flatts’ My Wish
Recommended Style of dance: Nightclub Two Step (C&W)

Never Alone

Jim Brickman Ft. Lady Antebellum Never Alone

Recommended style of dance: Fast Waltz

Only You*

Joshua Radin’s Only You
Recommended style of dance: Slow Dance

Ordinary Miracle

Sarah McLachlan’s Ordinary Miracle

Recommended dance style: Slow Dance or Nightclub Two Step

Over The Rainbow

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole “Iz’s” Over The Rainbow
Recommended Dance Style: Foxtrot or Swing (fast)

Parents Prayer

Steven Curtis Chapman’s Parent’s Prayer

Recommended Style Of Dance: Nightclub Two Step


Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s Shine
Recommended Style Of Dance: Slow Dance

Simple Man

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Simple Man
Recommended Style Of Dance: Nightclub Two Step

Sweet Child O’Mine

Guns N Roses’ Child O’ Mine
Recommended Style Of Dance: Swing

Sweet Child O’ Mine

Taken by Trees’ Sweet Child O’Mine
Recommended Style Of Dance: Foxtrot or Swing

Take Your Mama Out

The Scissor Sisters

Teach Your Children

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

The First Lady in My Life

Paul Todd

The Perfect Fan

Backstreet Boys

Thank You Mom

Good Charlotte

The Best Day

Taylor Swift

The Man You’ve Become

Molly Pasutti

The Prayer

Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli

Up Over the Mountain

Iron and Wind

What A Wonderful World

Louis Armstrong

You Are The Sunshine of My Life

Stevie Wonder

You’ll Be In My Heart

Phil Collins

You Raise Me Up 

Josh Groban


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