Zouk Dance Video ft. Freddy & Andressa

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zouk freddy & Andressa 2015

Zouk dance video performance by Freddy & Andressa perform to the song “Weight In Gold” by Gallant, see the official video Gallant – Weight in Gold Official Video. Freddy and Andressa are professional teachers, performers and choreographers of Brazilian style Zouk. They are the founders of the Rio Zouk-Style Academy in Helsinki, Finland. They also dance and teach samba de gafieira, check out their website at Rio Zouk Style Helsinki, Finland.


Zouk to “Weight In Gold”

Freddy & Andressa Zouk Dance Performance

Brazilian Zouk is a very popular Brazilian dance that started in the 1990’s with influences from samba, bolero, salsa and other dance genres. It has influenced the West Coast swing and kizomba in recent years. Zouk dancing has spread worldwide including many popular Zouk festivals in countries across the globe.

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