Bachata sensual is one of the many different styles of the bachata dance genre.  Moreover, bachata sensual is a form of bachata that integrates theatrical movements into the dance using body waves, isolations, circularity and dips. Additionally, the bachata urbana incorporates some hip hop movements into the moderna style of bachata.

The bachata dance has evolved into different styles and fused with other dance genres like zouk and kizomba. In this video blog, we include a contemporary Bachata Urbana Sensual, a sensual belly dance by Masha at the Mediterranean Delight Belly Dance Festival 2014. Additionally, we include a gorgeous Argentine tango and lastly a sexy bachata-zouk fusion dance.

Finally, the world is getting smaller with the Internet and YouTube and the evolution of dances is happening at a faster rate. Occasionally, a group of dancers brings back the original version of a dance genre. Meanwhile, there are many different fusion dance genres evolving from the fusion of two or more dances.

Bachata Sensual

Sebastian Andrada & Mariana Bogado, bachata urbana sensual

This urbana sensual bachata is put together in a story-like form of a couple making up after a disagreement and making up then doing a sensual bachata dance in an urban setting. The incredible music is “Dime Porque” by Bachata Heightz. The dancers are Sebastian Andrada & Mariana Bogado and the film was produced by Franway Studio!

Belly Dance

Masha@ Meditteranean Delight Belly Dance Festival 2014

This belly dance performance by Masha is at the Mediterranean Delight Festival 2014 in Greece. The song is Alexandria by Ibrahim El Samahey.

Argentine Tango

Ivonne Pronovich & Ale Andrian, Tango

This is a beautifully filmed tango dance to Tanguera by Sexteto Mayor. Also, the professional dancers are Ivonne Pronovich and Ale Andrian. Furthermore, the contrast of the dance with the dancers elegant black evening wear and suit against the stark beauty of the gray building gives a feeling of chiaroscuro; with the distribution of light and dark masses in the picture. Finally, the film goes from black and white to flashes of color that seem to pulse with the music. The producer of this film is Franway Studio.

Bachata Zouk Fusion

Axel Antesana & Romina Hidalgo

This bachata-zouk fusion music is Corre Corre Corazon by Jesse & Joy Ft. La Republika and Russian Roulette by D. Money. Additionally, the dancers are Axel Antesana and Romina Hidalgo. Lastly, this is another fanatastic production by Franway Studio.

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