Welcome to DanceTime.com my name is Pattie Wells and I am John Chaparro. Today’s lesson is in variations of salsa cross body lead. We’re going to start out by demonstrating the footwork and then show both inside and outside rolls. So starting out with the follow footwork, I’m just going to dance John while talking about footwork.  We are going to do the rock step 1 2 3 hold four,  as we come forward on five for pivoting five six seven, hold eight, and then 123 567;  again 123turn 567 then 123 567. So it’s called a pivot turn and we’ll have another lesson on that in the future. John, the lead part?

John Chaparro: the lead part footwork is  identical to the cross body lead in that I’m going  1. I open up on two, three, and now I’m going to lead my partner to go forward while leading the turn, five , six, step 7. The turn is led inside and it is why its called an inside turn. So I’m taking my hand from down here and going around and then back down to the resting position. So I’m going up then back down.

Pattie Wells: Okay!  And then we are going to show that the inside roll from the salsa cross body lead 123 567,  123 and we can do it from closed position 123 567,  123 567

John Chaparro: For the leader you have to make sure you pick the lady up with your right hand to your back and it will give her a guide on where she can put her arm.

Pattie Wells:  okay, and then we also have an outside roll in outside turn that’s really nice and the Salsa cross body lead and on that one we have a 1, 2, 3 and we’re turning off the supporting foot off of 4, 5, 6, 7 hold 8  and then  a 1, 2, 3 again showing that pivot turn, 3,  5,  6, 7,  123, okay, so the lead is doing the same cross body footwork correct John?

John Chaparro: That’s correct and the only difference now is the lady is deadly toward us for the turn for leading outside which is away from us.

Pattie Wells: so to watch that,  we are going 123.

John Chaparro:  away from me, step 5 around her head, take 7. Unlike the inside turn this turn remains leveled during the turn and then you return into the right position.

Pattie Wells: Very Good! And that’s it for the salsa cross body lead with the inside and outside roll.


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