Salsa Dance Music featuring top 15 salsa dance songs selected by It includes 15 of awesome salsa dance songs from the best of web salsa dance music chosen by Latin dancers for salsa dancers. These salsa dance songs were chosen by Pattie Wells, a professional dance educator, teacher and writer with the criteria based on salsa dance songs that had both great salsa rhythm and tempos for dancing salsa.

A short description is included for each of the 15 salsa songs on this list of salsa dance music. The salsa songs are perfect for all levels of salsa dancers from newcomers to accomplished salsa dancers.


Cali Pachanguero

Artist/Band: Grupo Niche 

Cali Pachanguero by Grupo Niche is included on our list of salsa dance music as a true classic salsa dance song for salsa dancers. This song has clear, easy to hear medium tempo. The video clip has some great dancing in it too!


Artist/Band: Gloria Estefan 

Caridad by Gloria Estefan appears on Dancetime’s list of favorite salsa dance music. It has a fast tempo that accomplished salsa dancers love to dance to. It is a great salsa dance song with a great Latin sound and of course, the awesome voice of Gloria Estefan!


Artist/Band: Gilberto Santa Rosa

Corazon by Gilberto Santa Rosa is included on DanceTime’s list of salsa dance music for its classic sound and comfortable medium tempo. This song is on many lists of the best salsa dance songs.

Devorame Otra Vez

Artist/Band: Lalo Rodriquez

Dancers and salsa dance teachers love this salsa dance song because the beat is very strong which is important for dancing on time whether dancing Salsa On 1 or Salsa On 2. Devorame Otra Vez is a classic Latin dance song perfect for any list of great salsa dance music.

Ella Lo Que Quiere Es Salsa

Artist/Band: Victor Manuelle Ft. Voltio and Jowell & Randy

We love this salsa dance song with its medium/fast tempo and the blend of voices from the sala artists plus watch this fabulous music video. Also, check out the different salsa dancers in this video. This one is one for your salsa dance music playlist!


Artist/Band: Cuco Valoy 

Juliana by Cuco Valoy has a slower tempo which is great for all levels of salsa dancers. The beat is constant and clear making it a favorite of salsa teachers and students plus it has a classic sound. A perfect addition to anyone’s salsa dance music playlist!

Valio La Pena

Artist/Band: Marc Anthony 

Valio La Peno by Marc Anthony is a beautiful melody and of course, the great voice of Marc Anthony singing it. The rhythm is a fast and clear salsa beat, great for accomplished salsa dancers. This is one of our favorites, absolutely appropriate for this salsa dance music list!

Me Libere

Artist/Band: El Gran Combo 

The El Gran Combo sounds great performing “Le Libere.” Le Libere is a fast tempo salsa dance song with a consistent rhythm for accomplished salsa dancers. It has a classic sound with lots of horns and the solo singer backed up with the chorus behind him.

No Le Pegue A La Negra

Artist/Band: Grupo Niche

No Le Pegue A La Negra is a fantastic salsa dance song, here with Grupo Niche. It is a medium/fast tempo perfect for all levels of salsa dancers. This can be heard often in Latin dance clubs all over the United States. It is always among the top favorites for salsa dance music deejays.

No me hace falta

Artist/Band: Victor Manuelle 

A beautiful salsa dance song, No Me Hace Falta has a perfect salsa rhythm with a medium tempo. Victor Manuelle’s voice singing this wonderful melody is fabulous. This is a must have on your salsa dance music playlist.


Artist/Band: Oscar D’Leon

Lloraras by Oscar D’Leon is a classic salsa tune with a great rhythm with a medium tempo that is easy for all levels of salsa dancers to hear. This one is included by salsa deejays in Latin dance clubs as an all-time favorite for Latin dancers. 

Ran Kan Kan

Artist/Band: Tito Puente

Ran Kan Kan by the king of salsa Tito Puente is always included on salsa dance music playlists and often heard in Latin dance clubs as a favorite of salsa dancers worldwide. It  has a medium/fast tempo and a soft, subtle beat better for more accomplished dancers.

Sin Salsa Nay Hay Paraiso

Artist/Band: El Gran Combo 

El Gran Combo from Puerto Rico plays lots of fantastic Latin music including this salsa favorite, “Sin Salsa No Hay Paraiso.” The rhythm is perfect for salsa with a medium tempo that is great for all salsa dancers.

Sin Sentimientos

Artist/Band: Grupo Niche

Sin Sentimientos by Grupo Niche has a gorgeous melody and the solo singer has a beautiful voice. This is backed up with a fantastic rhythm that is great for salsa dancing. This song has a medium tempo with a clear salsa dance song beat easy to hear and distinquish, which is important since some people have trouble hearing the beats in salsa dance music.

Te ReGaLaRe

Te ReGaLaRe by NG2 is a fast tempo salsa dance song with an incredible melody. The song is a favorite among both salsa dancers and Latin deejays. It is popular in the Latin dance clubs and has a great rhythm for salsa that is easy to hear making it perfect for accomplished Latin dancers. This is a great song to add to your salsa dance music playlist!

Artist/Band: NG2

Chile Salsa Bachata Festival 2015

(Carine Morais & Rafael Barros Salsa Performance)

salsa dance music by Mark Anthony and salsa dancers

(Photo Mark Anthony, Salsa Video YouTube)


Salsa Music Victor Manuele










(Photo from Ella Lo Que Es Salsa by Victor Manuele)

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