Swing dancing is popular around the world including in Australia where they host a fabulous swing crossover event, the Sydney International Swing Dance Festival from February 27th through March 1st!

The Sydney International Swing Dance Festival, dubbed “Australia’s Boston Tea Party” is a union of old and new skool, vintage and contemporary swing dancing and last 3 nights in two ballrooms at the Mercure Sydney International Airport Hotel.


Sydney Swing Dance Festival Staff: 

  • Nick Williams & Sylvia Sykes (USA) – Balboa
  • Christian Frommelt & Jenny Shirar (USA) – Lindy Hop & St. Louis Shag
  • Michael & LeAnn Norris (USA) – Carolina Shag
  • Myles & Tessa Munroe (Canada) – West Coast Swing
  • Event Directors: Peter Fradley & Michelle Fletcher & Brady Stanton
  •  Kieran Yee & Ramona Staffeld – Lindy Hop
  • Scott & Melina Stuart – West Coast Swing
(Nick Williams & Sylvia Sykes at Lindyfest, Houston, TX 2007)

Included in the Sydney Festival packages:

  • Workshops of all levels in two ballrooms (16 workshops) include Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing, Carolina Shag, Balboa,
  • Competition: Crossover, all different styles of swing encourages plus teams
  • Performances: Classic, Showcase, Invitational “Battle of the Eras” and crossover jam, lead/follow demos
  • Social Dancing: 15 hours of social dancing in EACH of the two ballrooms
  • Bar open until 3 AM
  • Private Lessons Available

Contact for more information: