The Dancetime Center has a unique West Coast swing dance program. We offer classes designed for Follows (dancers that are following), as well as Leads (dancers that are leading).

We focus on the elements of dance like the walking steps, triples that move forward or backward and triples that anchor or turn plus lead and follow techniques like compressions and leverage to establish and maintain connection. We teach musicality so the dancer responds to the music as it unfolds.  

All of our West Coast swing dance staff uses a hands on approach to their teaching  to provide individual feedback for our dancers and to share their knowledge with their students and the West Coast swing dance community. We teach our dancers how to be more creative in their dancing by focusing on each 2-beat unit of music (two beats equal a dance Unit).

Our students learn about the accents on upbeats/downbeats and how to vary their movements and use spontaneity every two beats rather than teaching memorized figures, pattern sequences or amalgamations. Our system is an innovative new teaching method that breaks away from outdated rote learning systems from the 1950’s.

We strive to create dancers who learn and implement connection in their dancing and lead/follow techniques leading to a more enjoyable dance partnership and a better dance community.