In this video blog, we include zouk, kizomba, Balboa, West Coast swing, samba video clips from around the world. We searched for dance videos from across the globe curating the very best to share with our worldwide audience. This video blog contains a mix of dance videos including well-known American dance genres like West Coast swing, Lindy Hop and Balboa, but also Brazilian Samba, Zouk and the Kizomba, which originated in Angola, West Africa. We get to see the best dancing from every culture!

Zouk, Kizomba, Balboa, West Coast Swing, Samba Video Clips

Zouk Lambada

by Kadu Pires & Larissa Thayane at the Brazilian Beat Congress in Canada, 2011

I include some of my favorite dance videos from the familiar to the new and unfamiliar dance genres to better educate, understand and appreciate dancing across the globe. These zouk, kizomba, balboa, west coast swing, samba video clips feature some of the best dancers for each of these dance genres.

Balboa Dance

A Balboa dance video from the Prague Spring Swing Festival

There is considerable similarities among some of the different dance genres, so one can find Zouk moves in the West Coast Swing. You will see familiar looking patterns, tricks and movements in salsa, kizomba and zouk and even other dances like bachata, merengue and West Coast swing.

West Coast Swing

Most of my life, I have had a belief that dancing is universal. A dancer learns to dance, to move to music and the fundamentals of moving from the core, balance, spins, connection, timing, musicality and this translates to all of the particular dance genres they learn. West Coast swing is the dance that the dancer can express all of these elements into moving art. Accomplished dancers love this dance for its design allowing the dancer more free expression than most partner dance genres. Watch more West Coast swing at 25 West Coast Swing Dancers to Watch in 2015. See more of our articles on West Coast Swing here.

West Coast Swing with Amandine Principe & Lionel Giannone at a French West Coast Swing Festival.


Here is a Kizomba routine performed by Isabelle & Felicien

I am perplexed when someone suggests that ballroom dancers can’t learn swing, or a Westie can’t do Lindy hop or, basically, a person who knows how to dance and has a good understanding of the fundamentals of movement can’t learn another new dance genre. Of course, they can and they have a head start due to their experience and learned skill sets. Do you want to learn to dance, here is some important info – Dance Lessons FAQ’s.

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Brazilian Samba

A Brazilian Samba Routine performed with Nuroc Latin Dance, Australia.

It is wonderful to see the world of dance across the globe fuse and influence each other. These dances and dancers are brought right into our homes from the Internet (YouTube) and dance websites. It is so exciting to see these beautiful world dance and dancers, to see we are not alone, we are a dance village, a world dance village!

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