Zouk dancing

(Photo from Zouk dancing by Shani & Ivo, YouTube)

Brazilian Zouk 

Brazilian zouk is a partner dance  that originated in Brazil.  However, there are other forms of zouk from the Caribbean. Hence, “Brazilian” is added to the one that is from Brazil. Also, there are several forms of zouk including lambazouk, traditional zouk and Brazilian zouk. Moreover, the Brazilian zouk is among the popular dance genres in Brazil. Additionally, other popular dance genres include lambada, gafiera, salsa and forro.

Brazilian Zouk Dance Performance

Brazilian Zouk dance by Shani & Ivo

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Argentine Tango

Tango is a partner dance that originated in the late 1800’s in Argentina then spread around the world. In addition, it evolved into many different forms including the American ballroom style, International ballroom style,  Finnish style tango and nuevo tango. Furthermore, authentic tango has no rhythm units or patterns.  Essentially, it allows the dancers to respond to the music through connection with more free expression and spontaneity than the traditional forms of tango.

Tango Dance Performance

Chicho Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda @ Embrace Tango Festival 2014

Ode Au Tango

(Tango practice while walking on the streets of Dijon)

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Bachatango Dance 

Bachatango by Terry & Cecile to Chanson D’amour by Castel ft. Denise

Bachatango is a fusion dance which takes characteristics of both, bachata and tango. For example, this video demonstrates how this is done. Moreover, fusion dancing is becoming more popular as different dance genres travel around the world.

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Kizomba Dance

Kizomba by Nemanje & Laura (Estonia)

Zouk “Don’t Keep Me Waitin’ Contest”

(Alisson Sandi & Audrey Isautier Zouk, Don’t Keep Me Waitin’ 2011)

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zouk tango bachatango kizomba dance

(Photo of Zouk dancers Alisson Sandi & Audrey Isautier, 2011)