Bachata dance


The buzz in the Latin dance community is “Bachata.”  The bachata is one of the most popular contemporary Latin dances and may soon outpace salsa in popularity.
It originated in the Dominican Republic in the late 1950’s but was frowned upon by…read more about the Bachata!
World Champion bachata dancers Simone & Serena from Italy dancing in Vienna, Austria 2012!
Latin dance has been very popular since it first arrived in the United States in the early twentieth century with the samba, rumba, mambo and cha cha.
In the 1990’s, salsa evolved from its parent dance, the mambo, and has been popular ever since. In the last decade, bachata has been rising in popularity and now rivals salsa for the top favorite in Latin dance clubs across the United States.
The salsa and bachata have traveled around the globe featuring Latin dance congresses in many countries around the world!