A Belly Dance at the World Belly Dance Festival 2014

Belly dancer

Belly Dance is Hot!

Belly dance is a solo Middle Eastern style dance genre that takes years of study to master due to its design that includes mastery of body movement, particularly, the mid-torso including the belly and hips.

WBDF Theatre Show 2014 – Anastasia Chernovskaya -Oriental Mejanse

Movements in belly dance include ripples, shakes and shimmies. Costumes are designed with transparent, flowing material to accentuate these body movements.

In some regions of the world, it is a folk dance that is included at traditional parties but it is also considered performance art around the world.

In contemporary American society, belly dance incorporates other forms of dance including hip hop, flamenco and tribal dance. The Colombian singer, Shakira, has used belly dance in some of her music dance videos popularizing it in pop culture in the United States.

Watch more belly dance plus flamenco, zumba and solo salsa here!

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