Fusion Afro Latin dancing is a term referring to the combining of African and/or Latin dance styles. Hence, it is a sub category of fusion dance where two or more dances are combined. This article features the Latin dance genres: bachata, zouk and tango plus the African dance, kizomba. Also, the fusion Afro Latin dancing performances shown here combine bachata & zouk, bachata & kizomba and bachata & tango. Additionally, these dance combinations  use elements of both styles of dance mixed together to create a new look and feel. Also, we include some different styles of bachata dance.

Fusion Afro Latin Dancing Videos

(Gon & Bella, European bachata champs, Bachata dance)

In recent years, the world of dance has become a lot smaller with popularity of YouTube. Additionally, everyone can watch dance videos from around the world. Also, they can borrow techniques, style and patterns from other dance genres. Meanwhile, this has caused the rapid evolution of some dance styles including bachata, kizomba and swing dancing. Fusion dance is becoming increasingly popular in many different styles of dance. However, fusion Afro Latin dancing is one of the most popular of the fusion dance styles. In addition, the various Latin dances also have fusion forms like the bachatango and the bachata-zouk.

Authentic Bachata

The bachata dance originated in the Dominican Republic in the 1960’s as a slow bolero type dance.  Also, it was danced in a small square in close embrace. However, this form of bachata is still done today in the Dominican Republic. And it is referred to as Authentic Bachata.

Bachata Moderna Fusion (Sensual) performance

Bachata Moderna Sensual  by Gero & Belinda, Story of My Life

Bachata-Zouk fusion dance performance

Bachata-Zouk dance performance by Jorge Zubieta & Maria Cristiani

 Fusion Afro Latin Dancing Performance (Kizomba-Zouk)

Kizomba-Zouk Fusion by Denys & Kseniia

 Fusion Afro Latin Dancing Performance

Brazilian Zouk & Kizomba Fusion by Felix and Sophia

 Bachatango fusion dance performance

Bachatango dance performance by Pablo & Sara@ Bachatea, Dallas Bachata Festival

Modern Bachata Fusion

Bachata dance performance with Maxis & Nahir

(Photo of Maxis & Nahir bachata dance on YouTube)

The modern fusion bachata (sometime called bachata moderna) is a later evolution of the bachata from the mid-two thousands. In addition, some believe this evolution took place in Spain and added elements of tango, zouk-lambada and ballroom dance. In this form, the hip and upper torso move in a more exaggerated fashion and uses salsa turns and dips. Additionally, the newer Sensual Bachata style of bachata borrowed elements from lamba-zouk.

Ballroom Bachata

Ballroom dance competitions occasionally include a Ballroom bachata dance category. Generally, it was influenced by the various ballroom dance styles. However, it is not considered a social dance genre.

Western Fusion Bachata

The authentic bachata changed when it traveled to different countries like the United States in 1990’s. Afterward, it adopted the side moving steps with a tap (hip pop) movement with some dips and a soft hip movement. Hence, it became the Western (sometimes called the “traditional”) bachata.

Bachata Moderna Sensual dancers

(Photo Bachata Moderna Sensual by Gero & Belinda, Story of My Life, YouTube)


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