wedding dance fail that ends in the pool

The wedding day dancing including the bride and groom’s wedding first dance, father-daughter, mother-son, wedding party and the dancing at the wedding reception should be memorable but not by appearing on a wedding dance fails video blog on YouTube.

DanceTime curated the best for this video blog, which is intended for humor and examples of what not to do at a wedding including things like not knocking the bride and groom into a pool, not tipping the entire canopy over by pole dancing and many other funny examples of epic wedding dance fails!

Wedding Dance Fails

Drunk wedding guest wedding dance fail at reception

This drunk wedding guest leaps toward a support pole that holds up the canopy that tops the wedding dance area outdoors when the pole and guest fall taking down the whole tent. This is a good example of the type of people to not invite to the wedding ceremony and reception. Or maybe she needs some dance lessons so she doesn’t decide to attempt pole dancing at a friend’s wedding reception?

Father-Daughter wedding dance fail at wedding reception

This father-daughter wedding dance is epic but at least the daughter’s fall was cushioned by the father so she seemed to take it with a smile even a little laughing. This is a good example of why the father and daughter should take some wedding dance lessons together to learn what to do and what not to do a the father-daughter dance like getting a too enthusiastic and overdoing the dance. 

Brother sister wedding dance fail at the wedding reception

This is a brother-sister wedding dance fail where a type of lift is attemped but instead the sister jumps over the brother and falls. Fortunately, no one got hurt so it was funny and everyone took it in stride. Generally, do not attempt lifts or drops without some wedding dance lessons since there is a possibility of tumbling and people getting hurt.

Embarrassing Wedding dance fail

Wedding receptions outdoors are great except for the guy who drinks too much and decides to try break dance on the grass or an alligator move and ends up in the drink, that is in the pond at the wedding dance party, embarrassing everyone especially himself. While it does add some humor, perhaps, let the bride and groom be the stars of their wedding dance party!

Wedding First Dance, Ceremony, Reception Fails

The wedding ceremony, first dance and reception fails in this compilation of wedding fails are funny and demonstrate how many things can go wrong at weddings. It might be best to go into the planning with the understanding that anything can happen when you bring a bunch of people together and to take it all in stride, accepting the humorous aspects of life. In this compilation, we have a person fall from a windmill, dog pees on wedding dress, bouquet throwing problems, cake sharing problems, swing set debacle, piggy back situation and lots of sliding and falling.

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Wedding Dress Fails 

DanceTime curated this compilation of Wedding Dress Fails from the web. Before watching this, we had no idea how many ways a wedding dress can go wrong but here you will see the worst possible ideas imaginable. Please watch this before purchasing the wedding dress and don’t make these mistakes. Fortunately, there is a lot of humor in these photos!

Wedding dress fails

(Photo 30 WTF Wedding Dresses That Will Make You Shake Your Head, YouTube)

Wedding Day Ceremony Fails

Wedding Fails: Best Man Tips Bride Into Pool

Wedding day ceremony fails are quite frequent and many can be found on the web. This one the best man tips the bride into the pool after stumbling when asked for the rings. The example  here might be to not have the wedding ceremony near water since there seems to be a large number of brides, grooms, members of the wedding party that fall into pools, bays, off of jetty’s, ponds, etc. 

Wedding Fail: Falling sleep during the ceremony

DanceTime curated the best of wedding ceremony fails to find this one where a young man that is part of the wedding party seems to fall asleep standing and falls off of the raised platform. Hopefully, he was not hurt and the wedding proceeded without incident. This example, might be to the wedding party members and attendees of a wedding, to get enough sleep the night before so you don’t fall asleep during the wedding ceremony. Someone falling at a wedding seems to be very common and many are uploaded on the web. The last video clip is a compilation of falling people at wedding.

Wedding Fails: Falling People

Wedding dance fails often include people falling at the wedding day ceremony, wedding first dance, wedding party members, wedding reception and party. Why do so many weddings seem to have falling people? The films on the web represent a small percentage of weddings since many people do not load their wedding day clips on YouTube, so the ones that are uploaded tend to be more the humorous events that happen at weddings. So cross your fingers and ask that your wedding first dance, ceremony, reception and party dancing don’t end up on a wedding or wedding dance fails blog!

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