International ballroom foxtrot

(YouTube Photo at Korea Open 2014)

International Style Ballroom (Standard)

International style ballroom dancing is popular worldwide, particularly for Dancesport competitions. It originated in the England in the early to mid-twentieth century from dances from other countries. 

Viennese waltz originated in the middle of the 19th century in Vienna, Austria, where it was danced to Strauss waltz music. It traveled around the world and is still popular in ballroom venues today. Other styles of waltz were developed from the Viennese waltz using slower tempos. 

The slow waltz developed from the original Viennese waltz. It is a slower variety of waltz and is included in many different styles including the English slow waltz, American style waltz, country western waltz, Cajun waltz and the folk dance style waltzes. 

The foxtrot originated in United States in the 1940’s and traveled around the globe. When it arrived in England it evolved into one of the Internatioal style standard dance genres. The International style foxtrot is sometimes called the slow foxtrot due to its slower tempo than a social foxtrot tempo.

The tango originated in Argentina and spread across the globe to various different countries where it evolved into different forms including the American tango and the International style tango with its distinctive staccato style. 

The quickstep originated in the 1920’s influenced by foxtrot, charleston, peabody, shag and a dance called the one-step. It uses a fast tempo and a lot of flight as it moves around the dance floor. Fast swing dance music works great for quickstep.

International Foxtrot

Korean Open 2014 – Standard Ballroom Honor Dance

International Foxtrot is one of the five dance genres included in the International style ballroom standard dances, sometimes referred to as the modern dances. They are equivalent to American style smooth dances. These are the dances used in ballroom dancesport competitions. The five dance include Viennese waltz, foxtrot, waltz, tango and quickstep. They are meticulously codified for judging purposes.