Marquese Scott, born November 5, 1981 in Englewood, California, was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. Originally, Marquese wanted to be an architect but his love of art, music and dance drew him to study dance artists. So, he started dancing at the age of twelve influenced by the West Coast popping crews. Meanwhile, in 1999 he enlisted in the Navy touring places like Hawaii, Mexico, Singapore, Australia and the Gulf. Finally, during this time it became clear to him that he wanted to pursue a dancing career.

Dustep dancer Marquese Scott

(Photo of Marquese Scott’s “Pumped Up Kicks” on YouTube)

Marquese Scott Dance Video Clips

“Pumped Up Kicks” Dubstep dance by Marquese Scott 2011

During his early years, he did a dance form called popping  then in 2003, when he got out of the Navy, Marquese along with his family, moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he learned the technique of animation dancing (see definition below). While working at Walmart, Marquese started videotaping his dancing in public places and posting the videos on YouTube. His dance video, Pumped Up Kicks, which has 114,304,217 views on YouTube as of March 2015, soon went viral and launched him into a whole new dancing career.

He teamed up with different groups including the Remote Kontrol dance crew, and appeared on many television dance and talk shows including So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Got Talent, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and many others.

“Dreamer” to song Russian Lullaby on the Great Wall of China

Marquese, a.k.a. Nonstop, decided to step up his dancing career and began traveling around the world filming his dancing.

(Marquese Scott dancing “Hello Baku”)

He now shoots himself and other dancing worldwide in places like Singapore, Germany, France, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Spain, China and other countries.


“TGIF” Animation dance in Japan with friend Kikky

Nonstop dances to a music genre called Dubstep (see definition below) that began in South London, United Kingdom, that uses a style of animation that incorporates dance techniques referred to as: waving, popping, gliding, tutting, slow motion and other dance techniques.

“DJ Gonna Save Us” dubstep by Nonstop in Singapore 2013

Marquese’s dance videos have been featured on many news programs including, Huffington Post, CBS News, Yahoo! News, and others. He has signed with Xceltalent Agency.

Being With You”  Marquese Scott & Poppin John 2014

Marquese Scott animation dancing on the Great Wall of China

(Photo of Marquese Scott dubstep on the Great Wall of China, YouTube)

What is Dubstep?

Dubstep is an electronic music genre that developed in South London, England in the 1990’s that has some early roots in the Jamaican sound system of the 1980’s using syncopated drum and percussion patterns and sub bass, read more at Wikipedia Dubstep.

Marquese Scott

(Photo of Marquese Scott & Kikky, TGIF in Japan)

What is Animation Dancing?

A dance style using techniques from film animation of slow motion and moving in rigid, jerky fashion similar to the robot. In the 21st century it has incorporated other dance techniques including strobing, gliding, waving, tutting, isolations and slow motion.


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